Saturday, June 13, 2009

Quality contents increase PageRank and possibility to getting indexed

All of us want to make money online, But we always look for the easy ways to earn ! Making money is not easy, not only from online but for offline also.

I already wrote in one of my previous post about how to starting with a Simple and Better blog. Now in this post I am going to tell you hot to make Quality Content for your blog. Content is King, Search Engines love content. But don't even think to write for the Search Engine, write for your audience, your readers that they could get helps. Quality Content build traffic and traffic is the main key to earning from any blog or site. It also helps to increase the Page Rank of a blog.
More traffic + Higher PageRank = More money, simple like that.

But now, the question is how to get more traffic and how to increase PageRank ?

It’s not an easy task.All blogger or publisher can't make money. I think only 2% of the total Internet Marketer / Blogger / Publisher / Webmaster can do this cause they can attract readers. Can you believe it? It could be is lees than 2%. About 100,000+ blogs are being created everyday, competition is really high. So it won't be easy to make a money making blog that will appear on the first page of any search engine.

In one of my previous post I wrote about three basic secrets to earn money from online. These are: Own Creativity, Patience and Hard Work.

If anyone can mix up together all these things, a better blog will come up automatically with some valuable content. And a better blog will bring more and more traffics and a lots of legitimate back link which will increase the Page Rank of a Blog. A Page Rank is the numbering system (from 10) for Blogs and Sites provide by Google

Content is King, so the most essential object for a blog is the quality of the contents. Quality is better than quantity. If your readers like your content they will read it, they will make comments on your writing, they will subscribe your RSS services, they will check your site regularly for updated and new contents. Lots of traffic will give you money and a better and unique article will help to increase traffic to your site.

Google always encourage webmasters to write unique articles. It helps to get indexed quickly in search engines and increase PageRank. Once you get indexed to Google or other SE, the traffic will increase day by day.

Some basic tips to keep in mind always:

  • Always try to find a unique title for your post, don’t make any duplication of others or don't make any copy paste blog. Google is always very strict about copyrighting materials.
  • First think about your topic, than think who are going to be your readers or audience, find a target niche for your blog. Search engine algorithms are getting smarter day by day. And try to avoid cloaking always.
  • Though it does not matter whatever the topic of your writing is, but try to choose an interesting topic always. Describe nicely your title in the contents of your article. Don’t write any unnecessary things that the readers get bored.
  • For example, if your topic is about tips for computer than try to give some specific, useful and rich computer tips that will help your readers. If you write a humor blog, try to do something exceptional that the readers will get fun and enjoy. If you write about traveling, that’s must be adventurous and full of excitement (this is my opinion).
  • You must understand your readers, what they want in your writings. Always give priority to your reader’s real comments.
  • From me the best guideline to write a better and unique article is to follow Google Webmaster Guideline. It will help any new blogger to setup a predetermined mind to create a better content. An it will also help get indexed quickly in Google Search Engine.
  • Always use Google Keyword Research Tool before make any new post. This is an excellent free tool from Google. Since you have to get traffic based on Search Engine ranking, so you must do that.

There are lots of other useful and free resources, you can get those tips and tricks on the internet about how to write a unique and quality content for your site.

Dear Readers,
That’s enough for today. In my next post I am going to write about some common bad tricks that will cause any site or blog to get penalized or even banned from Google.

Thanks for reading this post. You can share your valuable thoughts and experiences in the comment section of the blog.

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  1. Nice post, it's clear.. So, The key is "be patient", do it step by step.

    Thank's for remind me..

  2. thanks. the post is good enough for the beginer .