Monday, June 8, 2009

How to create a Simple and Better Blog to make Money Online

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In my previous posts I wrote about some importance of blogs to make money online. You can read two of the posts here:

Secrets to online money vault using blog
Money making secrets - Start with your own blog

Today in this post I am going to discuss about how you can make a simple, better and SEO friendly blog with blogger.

Do you know something about Grizzly?
Most probably the answer is yes! But if you don't know about him it will not very much difficult for you to find him. Search on google with the keyword "make money online".
You will find him!!!

Look at the screenshot bellow (click to enlarge):
I made a search on google (on 8th-June-2009) by the keyword mentioned above and I have got the following result:

In the result page you can see the first two sites:

1. and

These are Grizzly's famous blog sites. The man behind these two online money making Blog.
He has created some other excellent blogs on the internet. Start reading any one of these; you will learn lots of blogging tips, internet marketing tips and useful basics from his writing. Any new blogger can follow his writings.

In the screenshot another blog is in the 3rd place

Owner of this site is another famous blogger whose name is Alan.

This man (Griz) has published a 5-part lesson about 'how to create a blog'. It will help you to build a nice Blog easily. If you follow his directions step by step, you will be able to build a simple and better blog within 4 or 5 days. He has described everything in easier ways. It's a better tutorial for a new blogger. I am recommending you to read those tutorials and try to make a simple and better money making blog.

The tutorial was posted on early 2007. But he made necessary update. Since Google update their SEO - Search Engine Optimization algorithm every time.

There are lots of new blogger are trying to blogging in Bangladesh. I will recommend for any new Bangladeshi Blogger to follow Grizzly's lessons.

Here you can read his Make Money Blogging Lessons 5-part to create an SEO optimized blog:

Lesson - 1
Lesson - 2
Lesson - 3
Lesson - 4
Lesson - 5

So, start your simple and better money making blog today with Grizzly. Remember, when you start reading the first lesson try to apply all tips practically. I mean, open the tutorial page is one tab and blogger dashboard into another tab. Keep reading until you finish each part of the lesson and I can surely tell you that you will be able to make something different.



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