Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Create your own Blog or Website - earn some real cash online

If you want to make some money online I will recommend you to start with your own blog today. I told the same thing in my previous posts cause its really important. Whatever you have decided to do, don't make any delay. I am not telling you because "blogs are free". I have tried to explain a little and figured out some reasons why blogs are very powerful on this blog in one of my previous post.

If you already own a website, it's fine. Starting with your own hosted website is very good, it helps to make your own brand easily. You can use your blog to marketing your business, products and other internet related service you offer. Blogs can be very very powerful ti drive traffic to your self hosted website.

Like many other bloggers, I will recommend you to start with Why I will explain latter in my next post. But for now just keep in mind that blogger is very easy to get started, easy to optimize blogs for search engines. And if you want to make money from online using your blog, than Search Engine Optimization is must need to be applied, all you need to have some basic knowledge about it and ability or interests to do hard work.

There are many other famous free blogging platform. WordPress is another platform to publish some wonderful stylish blog. Some other blogging platform like blog, today are also popular. Whatever the platform you choose does not matter, just start publishing now. Many of these have nice looking. Your reader will really impressed with all free templates they provide. You can apply SEO to any of your blog published on any platform, it does not matter in fact.

Before starts with your blog take some time and think about the title and URL of your blog. Use pen and paper to start up with a scratch. What kind of blogs are you going to publish? Is it for your Business or Personal ? What is the topic? Don't choose any topic that you don't know very much or you can't write a lots about it. If you can't find any topic, think about your interests, hobby, passion etc. Start reading various blogs and articles and gather information, knowledge, experiences about your interested topic. You can find a lot of free resources about anything on the internet.

And write your blog with your own words. Don't copy others, if you make some kind of copy-paste, you will get penalized by many sites. So be careful about that!

Start some keyword research with Google keyword research tool (it's free). It will help you to select your unique title and URL. Try to publish a post contain a unique title. There are lots of other keyword research Programs, tools, services on the internet. Another important thing is that; use your main keywords in your URL.

After creating your blog you can choose the "minima" template (for blogger), because it is very much SEO friendly. Create your first unique post and publish it. Every time before writing a post use the Google keyword research tool.

At the beginning its important to write huge content, Google loves huge content and it is the king. After publishing 100/200 post you can now slow down your posting. At least create one post a week. Blogging is very interesting! Start today and you will see !

Do you have a website already? Does it get enough traffic? If you don't have one, start with your own website today. Decide first what kind of sites you are going to make. Choose your URL carefully, try to keep your keyword in the URL. You can make blog-site, content-site, marketing-site, tips and tricks related sites etc, but everything depends on your interests. Try to make something unique and different that people may like. Do it from your heart!

These are some other basics you need to know before starting a blog or website.

After successful publishing of your site what will you do?


Yes, traffic is the main key for make money online !

Make some posts regularly and apply some short term and long term traffic methods to your site.Keep focusing on traffic and link building. Read some of my upcoming posts about traffic.



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