Sunday, April 21, 2013

About PayPal Transaction in Bangladesh

Hello Readers,
If you are getting ready to read this post right now, probably you have interests in the field of various online money making strategies. And if you are from my country Bangladesh, I think you are very interested to make money through the internet. And to do so, you need to send or withdraw money to the rest of the World.

YES! I am from Bangladesh too and right now I am writing in this blog about the latest news of PayPal online transaction in Bangladesh. The NEWS is old that the PayPal is going to start their service in Bangladesh. The IT Professionals from here who are working hard in the virtual world of Online Money (Internet Marketing, Blogging, Freelancing etc.), are always searching for NEWS related to these two words “PayPal” and “Bangladesh”.

Personally, I always keep looking for that kind of NEWS, whether in online or offline! Cause, before 2009, I have earned some revenue (US$ - a very little though!) from the internet and was unable to bring it in my own pocket, I wanted to buy a Hosting package from one of the best hosting platform in the world Hostgator, for my own sites and blogs but was unable to do that. Lots of Freelancers, Bloggers, Internet Marketers and peoples related to these kinds of professions has their own experiences of “didn’t get the earned money” or "unable to send money" like.

Bangladesh is one of the best Freelance Service Provider lists of the online freelancing giant ODESK, this is an old NEWS too!

Can you imagine! Bangladesh does not support any easy online money transaction method like PayPal, in this situation the Freelance Workers in this country made their own place in the top list of the best freelancers countries in the Whole World! So, after starting the operations of PayPal in Bangladesh.... what you think? This sector of IT will be one of the best earned sector of the country.

Anyway, maybe I am getting out of my track of this topic a little! I read an article on the internet today that the PayPal Transactions will starts in Bangladesh within May, 2013. Recently (on 5th April 2013) the Finance Minister of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh Abul Mal Abdul Muhit said that PayPal is going to start their operation in Bangladesh within the next one and half month. He told it in the inaugurating ceremony of Sylhet Trade Fair. This is the latest update, so we have to wait.

The son of the current Prime Minister of Bangladesh who is an ITC specialist Sajeeb Wazed Joy early said that PayPal is coming real soon in Bangladesh. To solve the problem of money transferring system for the Freelancers in Bangladesh, PayPal is going to start within a very short time in Bangladesh. In a conference organized “Digital World 2012” about the Freelancers, Sajeeb Wazed Joy told this about the PayPal transaction in Bangladesh.

Sajeeb Wazed Joy also told that the previous banking network of Bangladesh was running on analog system. Now the central Bank of the country, Bangladesh Bank has already been digitized and the E-Money transfer is possible in Bangladesh. The vice-president of Odesk, Mat Kooper, Freelancer vice president David Harrison was also present in the conference “Digital World 2012”.

The safer, easier and extensive internet cash sending and withdrawing method in the world PayPal will operate in Bangladesh within May, 2013. This is the latest NEWS update, I got until today! Hope paypal starts their operations soon in this country, this will be a great news for the freelancers, internet marketers, bloggers in Bangladesh.

Thanks for reading this post. Your valuavle comments, suggestions, thoughts, experiences etc. to the related topic are always welcome.

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