Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Best 5 Important Tips for 50+ Aged Freelancers

After the age of 50, many people worries about their coming future. Most of them don't think about to do something after a long career. They spend a critical time in this stage. It became difficult to get a new job or involved in a corporate organization even in business in this age.

Many people get involved in freelancing at this age. Experts say that it is important to take new initiatives for your own and keep yourself motivated to change careers. Positive attitude about everything is very important at this stage.

According to a survey report named 'Freelancing in America: 2019', published by the Freelancer Union and the most popular online freelancer platform Upwork shows that one-third of US workers are associated with full-time or part-time freelancing when they reach age fifty+. Most of the freelance workers of this age group have voluntarily chosen this profession.

Online Freelance Working is getting popularity day by day across the world. The survey report revealed five most notable findings:
  • Freelancing income exceeds GDP of some major industries
  • Freelancing is becoming more of a long-term career choice
  • Freelancers are most likely to be skilled professionals
  • Freelancing enables opportunities for those who otherwise might not be able to work
  • The younger the worker, the more likely they are to freelance

Below are 5 Special tips and suggestions for those who are aged 50+ and want to succeed in freelancing.

Apply Current Skills:
According to the survey, freelancers of all ages perform jobs based on their skills and abilities. These include consulting, marketing, programming, designing, writing etc. In the freelancing marketplace, the skilled people get more jobs than the inefficient ones. The income of skilled workers is much higher. The skilled freelance worker is earning more than $ 28 per hour on an average. But the average income of lower and un-skilled worker is below $ 20 per hour. Those who have reached the age of 50 will be able to earn from freelancing using their previous work experience easily. Skilled freelance workers earn the most in the Upwork marketplace. Earnings are higher in such type jobs in accounting or finance. Those who understand corporate restructuring, Bitcoin and international accounting, even earn more than $ 200 per hour.

Networking is one of the most useful things in the world of freelancing. If more people know about you and ​​your skills, you will get more jobs. Freelancing in America report says, personal communication is the best source to get freelancing assignments. Private networks include former freelance customers, friends and family, professional contacts, acquaintances etc are very important. In this case, fifty above aged people can get more benefits. Because of their long experience and communication is very useful. Stephane Kasriel, President and CEO of Upwork said that the network that is created through communication and interaction with people over a long period of time can be a source of income. In this case, LinkedIn is very effective. Besides, by opening account in popular freelancing sites like Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer etc, lots of freelance online jobs can be found.

Investment in training:
Those who have the skills, even when they are older, can invest to increase their skills. You can learn the techniques of digital marketing, social media management or any other about your own interest. By not adhering to age constraints, show your customer that you can do it and they can rely on you. If you can't improve your skills, your dream of becoming a high-income freelancer will not come true. According to the Freelancing in America report, 73 percent of freelancers voted in favor of skills development training. In addition, 71 percent of freelancers have increased their ability to survive in the competitive online marketplace. Even in the last six months, 65 percent of freelancers have been trained to improve their skills. Even Soft Skills can’t be ignored. You need to learn things like communication, teamwork or negotiation with someone.

Keep Patience:
The idea that you can earn lots of money after immediately entering the freelancing world is very wrong. Upwork CEO advises to get involved slowly and steadily into the freelancing world. You don’t need to be rush. There is no shortcut. You have to learn a lot. In addition to finding a job, you need to learn how to earn money for work. You need to know how to fix pricing. Sometimes there may be no work at hand. So you need to think about how you will survive on this period. You can start freelancing on one or two projects in the beginning.

Be Positive:
The most important thing is to stay positive in every turning of life. Without a doubt, it is easier to maintain a pessimistic outlook than it is to actively stay positive while you search for a job. When you don’t get hired, list all the ways and identify why you didn't get it. This way, you’re always preparing for the next job you’re truly meant to have. Being positive will help you to get sound health also. Studies show that optimists are twice as likely as pessimists to have healthy hearts. People having positive attitude leads much less stressful lifestyles. As much as you may think your resume makes or breaks your opportunity to get hired, it’s not the most important factor.