Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Increase Traffic - Submit Blog to other Directories-Part 1

The most important part of a blog is its traffic, the success depends on it. PageRank, Search Engine results depends on lots of traffic. Submitting website or blog URL to other directories is a great solution to get quality backlinks. This will also bring some regular traffic to any blog sites.

Search Engine Rankings always depends on how many backlink your blog have.
There are lots of directories that you can submit your site for quality back link. Here are some Blog Submission directories you should submit your blog to get a better PageRank and to attract readers.

Dear Readers:

Dear Readers,
This is list of some popular Blog Directories to get legitimate BackLinks for your blog or website. Submit your site to those directory and increase your PageRank and traffic. Keep your eyes on my upcoming post some other Directory List.


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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Best 7 Tips to Start a simple and better Blog

It's very hard to find a better road map for any new blogger to follow. For example, if you make a search for the keyword "blog tips", millions of pages will appear on Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines results.

From all of these, which will be best for your that will meet your needs ? For any new blogger it is be very tough to find out some easy, suitable, valuable tips for him. Because there are so many Good Things on the internet that you will get confused where to start ! I personally face this problem, I started searching for tips, found lots of valuable tips and downloaded e-books, saved pages as bookmark but I didn't read all of those.

Most of the bloggers writes about some basic criteria or starting needs which are common and must needed. So, it’s very important for any newbie to follow just one or two best bloggers blogs.

Start reading several blogs today, you will find that no one is writing anything wrong. There are many ways to create a better blog, you can choose any of those, bookmark your favorite writer's blog and read whenever you get time. Everybody is writing with their own experiences and views. So, the entire system depend on you to publish a BETTER BLOG.

Dear readers,
Keep your main focus to build a strong basic in the blogging field. In my previous posts I gave some tips for beginner blogger, which was a little bit theoretical. After choosing a better and unique topic it’s time to do something practical.
In this post I am giving some tips you should keep in mind during create your first blog with blogger, wordpress or other blog hosting services.

Sign up with blogger.com

Signup with wordpress.com

 1. Choose a Blogging Platform:
Since you are interested in blogging, probably you already hear about some well-known free blogging platform. There are many free and powerful blogging platform like blogger.com, wordpress.com, today.com and so on. You can start with any of those. But for a novice blogger, the most easy and suitable platform is blogger.com, second wordpress.com.
Why blogger.com is first I will describe these in my later post. If you start blogging with this, you will find the answer.
If you want to build a nice looking blog, you can start with wordpress.com. You can give your blog a nice design; your readers will get really impressed with that.
There is another option, called self hosted blog. At the beginning it will be very tough for you to build a better and optimized self hosted blog, need more basics knowledge about HTML. So start publish your article with blogger.com, gather some experiences than you can jump to your own blog like a real professional blogger. Starting with free platform is easy and it will help your to learn a lots like me.

2. Creation of Blog:
After choosing your blogging platform it’s time to create your first blog and publish it on the web. This process will 5 to 10 minutes to be done. The basic requirement to open account is an email address. With blogger.com or wordpress.org it will take some easy steps to complete the registration. Enter correct information in all the fields step by step. During registration give special attention to your domain name and blog title. You can read one of my previous post on "How to create a simple and better blog" this will help you a little.

3. Domain Name:
Try to include one or two keywords in your domain name and that related to your blogging subject or topic. It’s very important if you want to apply some SEO or search engine optimization techniques to your blog. When a search engine start searching for any specific keyword, first it start looking searching in the domain name for that keyword and 2nd time it start searching in the title or description and others parts.
You can consider my blog address as an example. My blogging topic is about various secret tips to make online money. That’s why I choose http://hiddensecrets-onlinemoney.blogspot.com/, I have included three master keywords “secrets” ”online” and” ”money”. Try to choose an easy memorable domain name always.

4. Blog Title and Description:
After choosing a suitable domain name, give an attractive title and description of your blog. Give a nice and easy understandable description of your blog below the title. Describe what is your blog about, your blogging purposes etc in this section. Don’t provide anything that is not related to your blogging topic. The title and description will appear on the opening page, so when your readers will not find something they are looking for, they will leave.

5. Choosing a Template:
For any beginner blogger I will recommend to work with the default template at first. The classic and other available templates in blogger.com are easy to optimize for any new blogger. You can change your template any time. Initially keep focus on writing article is very important. There are lots of free wonderful templates for blogs on the internet. After gathering some well experiences it will be very easy to optimize blog with any template which could help you to to bring more traffic. Than you can choose a template that reflects your blogging theme. If your blogging topic is about motorbike than you must not use an airplane template !

6. Write Great Content for your Blog:
You have completed above 5 steps, which means you are half way done. Now start to creating post, its easy to create a post but hard to create a great post ! Your Title of any blog post must be related with your blog title. If your blog is about computer tips than you should not write anything about Hollywood movie!
Always try to write quality content. Quality is important than Quantity. The quality, topic of your posts is the main key of your blog traffic. Give special attention for inside or outside links in your posts. Make sure there is no dead or error link in your blog.

7. Start posting regularly:
Great! You are done! You have published a better blog. 

Now, this is just the beginning. A lot of hard works you have to do, so prepare yourself for the upcoming struggle. Don't get panic, this is not so hard, You need just use your brain, write from your heart, fully original content.
Make posts regularly in your blog. Try to do it once or twice a day. After some successful great posting (5-10), start searching for how to increase your blog traffic. Success in blogging mainly depends on traffic; you need lots of traffic, traffic and traffic to achieve your goal in the blogging field.

Dear Readers,
That's all for today. I will write next how to increase blog traffic. Feel free to make any comments on the comment section of the blog.



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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Top 7 Blogging tips for Bangladeshi Beginner Bloggers

Blogging is not so easy but not so hard also. Anyone can publish his own blog on the internet within 5 minutes.

Just create an account with any free blogging platform using an email address like blogger.com, wordpresss.org etc write a post and publish it.

That’s it! These two blogging platform are best for the Bangladeshi Blogger.

But before publish a blog it’s important for any new blogger to concentrate on the following:

  • Prepare yourself
  • Why you want to start a blog?
  • Write for your readers
  • Choose appropriate topic
  • Update your blog frequently
  • Invite people to visit your blog
  • Seek help from others

Lots of Bangladeshi bloggers are blogging well today. Before 2006 I didn’t know what a blog is! I started reading blogs from 2006 and that time I found a few number of blogger from Bangladesh was writing their own blogs. Some of them were making a little money using their blog.

But now there are lots of Bangladeshi blog sites you will find on the web, different kind of blogs such as personal, humor, information, NEWS and other kind of blogs are very popular among Bangladeshi users and around the world.

Some basic tips for new blogger:

1. Prepare yourself:
Blogging is not so easy, this is true. About millions of blogs are being created daily, and only about 1-2% of those can be successful on the internet world. A blog become successful when it gets much traffic.

So, prepare your self before start a blog. You need to do some real hard work. Combination of patience, creativity, hard work and basic internet knowledge helps to publish a better blog. I told before that anyone can publish a blog within 5 minutes, this is not a successful blogging, this is the basic of the technical part of blogging..

Make a schedule for your work for everyday. Determine how much time you will spend everyday in blogging and start today.

2. Why you want to start a blog?
Blogging has many purposes. Somebody writes blogs to make money from online, somebody writes just for fun, somebody writes for their business, somebody writes to share their thoughts, ideas and stories with others. There are lots of purposes.

You have to determine the reason why you want to start your blog. Identify your goal; fixed up your target how much you will cover within the first 6 months or 1/2 year, this will help you to be habitual in blogging.

3. Write for your Readers:
Find out who will be your readers, who will be your visitors, find a target audience. Remember a single visitor of your blog is very important. Write something exceptional and interesting that your reader does not get bored.

Whatever you write in your blog, give priority to your viewers not any Search Engines. If people like your writings than Search Engines will find it automatically. The contents and design of your blog should be attractive to your audience. Try to fulfill their expectations; don’t write something that your readers get confused. Communicate with your readers regularly.

4. Choose appropriate Topic:
Don’t write about anything that you don’t know much about. This is very important for any new blogger. Suppose you wrote something about “PC antivirus solutions”. And after some successful posts one of your readers asks for some solution to you. What if you can’t give a better answer to him? Definitely your reader will not come to visit your blog again.

Before select a blogging subject think about your hobby, your interest, your knowledge and try to find out a better and unique topic which will be right for you.

5. Update your blog frequently:
If you want to keep your readers with you, than update your blog regularly. Try to update daily or twice a day initially. It will help you build a better relation with your readers and your traffic will increase day by day with this.

Ask your visitors to leave comments in your posts and always reply their comments. It will help you build a two-way conversation between you and your site viewers.

Regularly update will increase PageRank of your blog.

6. Invite people to visit your Blog:
Always invite other peoples to visit your blog. Making comments on other’s blogs is an easy way to do that. There are lots of social community sites that you can use to invite others such as facebook, myspace, twitter, digg, delicious etc. You will get a huge number of hit to your blog daily with this. There are lots of blogs or websites that depending only these kinds of social traffics. The toughest task of a blog is to increasing its traffic, so give special attention on this.

7. Seek help from others:
This is the easiest way to learn how to make a better blog on the web. Lots of free resources are available on the internet, just start a search with your desired topic.

Don’t hesitate to ask anyone for any kind of help. Many successful fellow bloggers, publishers are waiting to help you. Without help from others it will very tough for you to achieve your goal. Learn from others, help others.

The above tips are not for only Bangladeshi blogger, these are for any new blogger.

Thanks for reading this post. You can make your comments below:


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Monday, June 22, 2009

Secret Tips to Create a Better Blog Post

The main key for a successful blog is traffic; lots of traffic brings success easily for any blog. Traffic depends on various criteria. One of the most important parts of a blog is a nice and attractive post title to attract readers.

There is a say “morning shows the day”.
So, what’s inside a post, many readers can make a guess seeing the title of that post. Better posts always influence readers to come back for more in a blog. A good title can easily catch the eye of the readers. Sometimes an exceptional content easily catch reader’s eyes.

Here are some basic guidelines that will help to create a better blog post:

Reader’s Priority:
One of the main criterion for an optimized blog is to give priority to your readers, not the Search Engines. Getting Index quickly in search engine depends on blog traffic and back link. And traffic depends on the quality of post. If any reader does not satisfy with your writings, he won’t come back again to read more. Before write any post, examine your audience. What kind of readers will read your blog, what will be more attractive and helpful to them, what they want in your writings? Always make answer to readers comments, always try to give thanks for their comment.

Tell the truth:
Be honest, don’t give any wrong information. For example, if you write any product review than don’t give any wrong information about your product. Don’t try to attract your readers by providing any kind of false information. It could drop off your product goodwill. Beside quality of your products describe the side effects if any, and provide some solutions about those effects. Don’t try to hide anything; your audience could be cleverer than you. Another important thing is don’t hide the real writer in your blog. A successful blogs are written in honest way are most popular.

Give special attention to the quality of your posts; always try to write quality contents for your blog. You must have a target audience for your blog. Determine who are your primary audience and secondary audience. Identify what kind of information they want in your writings. Provide information according to their need. They could like professional information, gaming information, fun or any others, try to fulfill their expectations. Find out what tone will be appropriate for your blog and keep writing in that tone. Quality content is not only necessary for your audience; it will help to improve PageRank of your blog.

Providing other links:
Lots of blog you will find on the internet that only providing link to other blogs or websites. Some bloggers just only give link to other sites. If you go to their site they will not tell you details about your desired topic in their own blogs. This is not a good practice if you want to be a better blogger. Many readers don’t want to follow a big trail of link.
They hit your site, so definitely they will look in your blog for their subject. If they don’t get it they will leave from you, may be leave forever. So, be careful about that. You can provide your own page link into your blog and show your readers the reasons to stay with you. I am not telling you that you won’t provide any link to others, but link to other sites must be logical (not a trap).

Don’t steal others:
One of the most important things in blogging is copyrighting. Always avoid plagiarism, stealing or copying from other blogs. Your site could be penalized or banned for this reason. Don’t make a copy-paste blog, if you so than search engines will treat your blog as a spam.
Try to write from your own. About 95% of bloggers failed to succeed in blogging due to writing own article. It’s tough but not so tough! Try to write something from scratch, follow others but don’t try to copy others, create something better than others.
If you want to discuss about other blogs or writings, than you must provide a back link or references to the original source.

The length of a post is depends on your writing skills. If you can provide detail information and can attract your readers than I will suggest you to write a big post (could be more than 600 words). If your readers like your post they will read it, the length is not matter.
If you write a blog about providing information than you can write a short post (could be less than 500 words). The length is actually depends on your writing topic and information you want to provide. It could be short or long. But whatever the length is, try to write an accurate and interesting post which will be able to catch your reader’s attention.

That’s enough for today. You can make your comments below.

Best of LUCK !


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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Most common Tips to pick a better Blog Topic

Blogging is easy but better blogging is not easy!

Millions of blogs are being created daily on various platforms like blogger, wordpress, today or self hosted blogs. But only 1 or 2 % of these turned into a successful blog on the net as per my opinion. And every year Google (Blogger) clean up their blog database and remove a number of blogs.

If your blog can’t attract your readers, you can’t become a successful blogger, traffic is the main key to success in this field. Whatever the reason of your writing, it could be just for fun, for making money online or others, but all you need is lots of traffics.

To write a successful blog choosing a right topic is very important. Traffics mainly depend on a nice and attractive topic, if a person does not find any interest about your topic he won’t read it. Does he?

In my previous post I wrote about some reasons of writing blogs.
Here are some tips to choose a better topic for a blog. These tips will be helpful for any new blogger:

Pick a topic that you know well:
Have you ever seen in your school, college or university that a teacher of physics was taking chemistry classes?! I know you didn’t. Cause, a teacher of physics know physics well, he can’t take a better class about chemistry.
So, before starting a blog always choose a topic that you can tell your readers more details about it. This is the most important part of blogging. If your readers like your article, definitely they will look for your updates regularly and they will comment on your writings, even they may ask you for something. And if they don’t find their desired answers, they will leave you. So, before starting your blog think about your topic which you know well. Take some time and choose a good one.

Pick a Topic that you feel passion for it:
A successful blogger regularly update his blogs. Not only a blogger, a successful webmaster, publisher, internet marketer any other person related to internet marketing updates their sites regularly. It’s better to update a blog in daily if you get the opportunity to do that; even it can be done in several times a day. Cause the Content is King.

Your readers will always look for new, unique, updated and latest contents. Motivate yourself about the topic of your blog for a long time. Don’t choose a subject that you don’t enjoy very much or you don’t have passion for it; otherwise it will be very tough to keep your readers. Try to write something that will come truly from your heart.

Pick a topic that you like to converse with others:
A successful blogger always communicate with his readers. Giving priority to reader’s comments is one of the main criteria of a better blog. So try to discuss about various issue with your readers always, make comments on fellow bloggers blog, it will help to increase your blogging experiences. Be responsive and be receptive about your reader’s comments and questions. You can make a conversation about various new posts in your blog. Ask your reader’s what they want in your writing. Write something that will attract to your readers to make comments on it.

Pick a topic that you like to debate with others
We all are not same or like-minded. There are different kinds of people around the world. Sometimes your readers will not agree with you. They will give their opinions which will be different from yours. As your blog become grows more people will find it on the internet. Some will give their own opinions which won’t go to your side.

A successful blogger always like to discuss with readers form various angels and appreciate a strong debate. Your readers or you, anyone could be right or wrong, a healthy debate will helps to find out which is right and which is wrong. Sometimes your readers could attack you personally. Don’t loose your patience; you need to have a thick skin that will deflect personal attacks and a strong differing opinion.

Pick a topic that you like to research:
Technology is changing every time. You need to move fast to keep yourself up-to-date with this changing. I told before that a loyal readers always looking for new, fresh, latest and Meaningful contents.

Read other blogs, NEWS and articles that are related to your topic. You’re your eyes open, search for current events. This will help you to update your blog frequently. A nice topic will help you to become a successful blogger.
Thanks for reading my post. You can give your opinion below:


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