Sunday, June 14, 2009

Avoid bad tricks - Your site could be penalized or banned.

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In my previous post I gave some tips about how to write a quality content and increase the pagerank and how to getting indexed in search engines easily, I tried to give some well known tips in this article. Google always encourages any blogger or publisher to do these.

Here in this writing I am going to point out something that Google dislikes always. These tips here will be helpful for advanced blogger’s. But important for new blogger’s too.

Google provides a straight guideline for any new internet marketer. These are not so tough to understand and maintain as a blogger or webmaster. This guidelines is a valuable free resources for any blogger. Any one can take advantages from these tips.

Some bad tricks must be avoided always:

  •  Avoid cloaking always. If any site serving HTML content to Search Engines but flash or images to the users, these kinds of tricks is mainly refer as cloaking. Always present the same things to your users and Search Engine. Google is very strict about that. Avoid any kind of tricks to improve search engine rankings.
  • Google does not support participation in any link exchange programs. There are lots of websites offer this kind of programs. It will give you lots traffic to your blog but you will lose your ranking with this. I am telling this based on my previous experiences.
  • Don’t establish any kind of link with spammers or bad neighborhoods. Google hate spam. And always try to establish one way link. Try to avoid reciprocal or two way link; it will help increase your PageRank. Don’t use any unauthorized programs or websites to check PageRank or to submit pages.
  • Don’t put any hidden text or links in your writings. These can be done in many ways, such as putting link behind an image, setting up font size to zero, using white texts in a white background etc. This kind of tricks may cause your site to get banned from Google and other Search Engines. Your site will not appear on any search results.
  • Another important thing is about keyword stuffing in your blog or website. Put appropriate keywords in your writing. Don’t put too many keywords for a better ranking; it will decrease your PageRank. And don’t use little number of keywords that it’s become difficult for Google to understand what your page is about! Don’t send any automated queries to Google using another third party websites or programs to determine the rank of any sites.

For any beginner or advanced blogger, publisher or SEO specialist, Google provide a complete webmaster guideline. If anybody wants to start a better money making blog or website, he must follow these guidelines for a better Ranking.

For any Money Making Blogs or Websites the main source of traffic should be from Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, Altavista etc). And from all of these SE, Google is the most powerful and common that about 50-60% Search on the internet made by G. So if your site meets the quality guideline of Google it will get indexed easily. Once the site is in Google database it will appear regularly other SE within some days.

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