Saturday, January 12, 2013

Freelancer dot com Affiliate Program - MONEY !

Dear readers,
Today I am going to discuss about another interesting and easy way of making money through online. The process is simple, you don't need to a Web Master to make money through this way. Since the Freelancing and Outsourcing market is expanding day by day around the world, because the number of internet user is increasing. And the upcoming generation are definitely going to be more advance than us in natural using of technological facilities. So, as an ordinary thinker I can tell you that those online money making facilities are going to are going to make a big Business Market in the century.

Since already lots of Freelancers are earning money from Bangladesh using, so we have a great chance to make more money using our blog and websites. Bangladesh is coming up in various World NEWS Headlines today for some of its positive turns. So, personally I think and believe that Bangladeshi Bloggers and Web Masters has a chance to do well in this Freelancing field. The generation (between 15 to 20 years) are getting more facilities of using tech devices.
Anyway, come to my topic. If you are a little bit involved in the online money making related keywords than most probably you have already heard the method. It is a typical Affiliate Program of but if you already involved in outsourcing than it could bring more benefit for you. People says that Affiliate Marketing is the best way of making huge / lots of money through the internet. I think its not wrong !

Lot's of online affiliate programs are famous, dependable on the internet and they have already earned trusts of users around the world. Contractors are getting their job done or better service with their budget and Freelancers are getting MONEY !

The process is really easy to make money using Affiliate program from
  • 7 easy ways to earn money.
  • Get paid instantly for referring friends!
  • Make money through your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, email and chat!
There is no doubt that the last one is the main and proper way of making lots money as a successful affiliate marketer. So, if you want to make money from this service than the first condition is you need a Website or Blog. You could think, than why I am not doing it for my own?! Actually, I am running six different blogs (four in blogger and two in wordpress platform) now, and I have a plan to make six different websites with those six related topic of my interest.

  • Get paid for referring other members! will pay you more as soon as the more your refereed user make the more and the commissions of your payment will go to straight into your account, for 90 days.
  • Plus, you can earn a passive income through their various adds like banners, feeds and links by putting on on your blog or website or social media and NO SMART PRICING to lower your earnings!
Advertising Methods:
  1. Freelancer Cash Advertising Units: The fastest way to monetize your web traffic into cash ! Copy and paste the provided HTML code by freelancer into your site or blog and start earning in minutes!
  2. Text Links adds: Make money promoting yourself and / or your friends with text links on your website, email, blog, on forums, Facebook, Twitter, other social media sites and even during chatting !
  3. Banners: Copy and paste the provided HTML code onto your pages or load the banner on your own server (same as text link ads).
  4. Contest Site Banners: Copy and paste the provided HTML code onto your pages or load the banner on your own server.
  5. Banners: Copy and paste the provided HTML code onto your pages or load the banner on your own server.
  6. Seller Banners: Copy and paste the provided HTML code onto your pages or load the banner on your own server.
  7. Buyer Banners: Copy and paste the provided HTML code onto your pages or load the banner on your own server.
  8. RSS Feeds: Get job postings that match your skills (or your visitors) before the general notification email goes out to everyone else! When a visitor signs up through your feed, you get paid that signup !
  9. Javascript: To display a list of open projects on your website, just like the main page on the Freelancer website, copy and paste the provided javascript tags into your pages:
  10. Data Feeds: To grab data to include in your own scripts.
  11. Affiliate API: Make money and build any application you like using any data you need with this extremely customizable web based API !
That's all for today ! Thanks a lot for reading my post.

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