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Sell Products Online - Earn hard cash from Affiliate Marketing

To become famous as an Internet Marketer, you need your own product. An E-Book is the best example of own products. Every famous blogger on the internet published one or more E-Books, some of those books earned selling records. So, writing something unique, attractive  valuable is very important. Though its not easy to produce a fantastic work on online money making related topic, but its possible for anyone if he / she wants. Start marketing to selling your own product on the Internet and earn a lots of cash. It's not so easy, but not so hard also to produce a better output ! Just keep faith and patience on your work and keep your eyes open on the internet world.

But what you gonna do when you failed to produce a E-Book of your own?

YES ! We can sell others and this is called Affiliate Marketing. Each affiliate marketer get a commission upon the selling which could be 5 % to 50 % or higher. You are not going to a real life sales man, even don't need any real life marketing experiences. Internet marketing and real life marketing has some differences. Products can sell in various interesting ways through the internet, you can do it from your home computer.

Choose the right Affiliate Program:

There are lots of affiliate programs on the net and none of these need any kind of fee to get register. Before sign up with an affiliate service, take a smart look at the program details. Percentage of the commission, their payment system, terms and service and privacy policy etc. Don't make any decisions seeing a nice banner of that products. You can find any kind of affiliate products on the net.

So before starting with any affiliate network, find out the best product for your site or blog. Ask yourself which will be best for you and easier for you to handle, do little research, materials are in your hand. Various affiliate products / services like web hosting, e-books, poker, games, medicine, link building, hotels, airlines, credit card, friend findings and lots of other programs are available.

If you decide to start affiliate marketing with your website, than you must have the power to write something very attractive review about the products which makes your audience to buy through your recommendation. Its easy to make a professional review on any product if you a user of that particular product. You need to make convince your readers to customer. He / she will pay the company to buy a product or service. So, without getting pure satisfaction nobody won't buy anything based on your recommendation. Another marketing technique for affiliate marketer is e-mail marketing. Start your product marketing with email containing your own newsletter. Professional email marketer always use auto-responder program to maintain the regular incoming and outgoing email.

Sign up with an Affiliate Network:

After choosing the best program for you just go to their website and get register or signup for a new affiliate account. It's all about the money, so always provide the correct and details information about you, provide correct mail address and bank information if needed. Many online payments made to Bangladesh using check. You can request them to make a direct transfer to your account if possible, depending on their services. After signing up they will provide you some HTML code containing the links for their different product (these link includes your affiliate ID). Those links can be a text link ads or a banner ads.

All you need is just place those HTML code into a suitable place in your site. When people will buy something using this link you will get your commission automatically. Your affiliate network will handle these by your browser cookies. You don't need to think about that. Just think and try to apply some different methods to increase your affiliate sell, to increase the traffic of your site. More traffic, more sell, this is the natural theory. I told before that the main basic thing needs for online marketing is creativity and patience. Lots of free resources are available on the internet to help you. If your site get a good number of traffic, it will be easier for you.

In the Internet Marketing world the main source of income is your own website traffic. If your site does not get lots of traffic then first try to learn how to increase your site traffic. Then sign up with an affiliate program. You can sign up more than one affiliate programs at a times. Keep focus on how to increase the traffic of your site and the money will start rolling in to your bank account.

Some Affiliate Programs:

Try with Commission Junction (CJ), LinkShare, ClickBank, Click2Sell.
These sites offer various affiliate products. They don't have their own products. They act like a media, by getting signup with these sites you can find various products, there are thousands of company are engaged with these sites, choose your related products and services. The owner company of the products/services will pay CJ, LinkShare, ClickBank, Click2Sell and they will pay you the commission. Sign up and start your earning today. offer another advanced program called Lead Generation. Take a look on their websites and find more details.

Below are a list of some Affiliate Marketing Service lists. This link does not contain any affiliate product link.
* linkshare
* cardoffer
* pepperjam network
* thinkhost
* friend finder
* myrxcash
* medstore
* market health
* lunarpages
* Google Affiliate
* Income Access

And there are lots of other Affiliate Marketing website providing this service. Go find your own and start making huge money from the online.
Best of LUCK !


Other money making ways:


Create your own Blog or Website - earn some real cash online

If you want to make some money online I will recommend you to start with your own blog today. I told the same thing in my previous posts cause its really important. Whatever you have decided to do, don't make any delay. I am not telling you because "blogs are free". I have tried to explain a little and figured out some reasons why blogs are very powerful on this blog in one of my previous post.

If you already own a website, it's fine. Starting with your own hosted website is very good, it helps to make your own brand easily. You can use your blog to marketing your business, products and other internet related service you offer. Blogs can be very very powerful ti drive traffic to your self hosted website.

Like many other bloggers, I will recommend you to start with Why I will explain latter in my next post. But for now just keep in mind that blogger is very easy to get started, easy to optimize blogs for search engines. And if you want to make money from online using your blog, than Search Engine Optimization is must need to be applied, all you need to have some basic knowledge about it and ability or interests to do hard work.

There are many other famous free blogging platform. WordPress is another platform to publish some wonderful stylish blog. Some other blogging platform like blog, today are also popular. Whatever the platform you choose does not matter, just start publishing now. Many of these have nice looking. Your reader will really impressed with all free templates they provide. You can apply SEO to any of your blog published on any platform, it does not matter in fact.

Before starts with your blog take some time and think about the title and URL of your blog. Use pen and paper to start up with a scratch. What kind of blogs are you going to publish? Is it for your Business or Personal ? What is the topic? Don't choose any topic that you don't know very much or you can't write a lots about it. If you can't find any topic, think about your interests, hobby, passion etc. Start reading various blogs and articles and gather information, knowledge, experiences about your interested topic. You can find a lot of free resources about anything on the internet.

And write your blog with your own words. Don't copy others, if you make some kind of copy-paste, you will get penalized by many sites. So be careful about that!

Start some keyword research with Google keyword research tool (it's free). It will help you to select your unique title and URL. Try to publish a post contain a unique title. There are lots of other keyword research Programs, tools, services on the internet. Another important thing is that; use your main keywords in your URL.

After creating your blog you can choose the "minima" template (for blogger), because it is very much SEO friendly. Create your first unique post and publish it. Every time before writing a post use the Google keyword research tool.

At the beginning its important to write huge content, Google loves huge content and it is the king. After publishing 100/200 post you can now slow down your posting. At least create one post a week. Blogging is very interesting! Start today and you will see !

Do you have a website already? Does it get enough traffic? If you don't have one, start with your own website today. Decide first what kind of sites you are going to make. Choose your URL carefully, try to keep your keyword in the URL. You can make blog-site, content-site, marketing-site, tips and tricks related sites etc, but everything depends on your interests. Try to make something unique and different that people may like. Do it from your heart!

These are some other basics you need to know before starting a blog or website.

After successful publishing of your site what will you do?


Yes, traffic is the main key for make money online !

Make some posts regularly and apply some short term and long term traffic methods to your site.Keep focusing on traffic and link building. Read some of my upcoming posts about traffic.



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Place Ads on your blog or website - make money for free

Do you have any website or blog? Does your site get minimum (500 to 1000 unique traffic daily) hits per day? If so, then it's time for you to earn some real cash by placing ads on your site! Don't waste you time. Start on your money making machine today.

Google AdSense is the best CPC (Cost-Per-Click) program for you! 
After running a successful blog or website for 3 to 6 months you will be able to apply for a Google AdSense account!
The basic is simple, if your site does not give any benefit to google than you won't be able to get any benefit from Google too.

After starting a blog or website if you regularly update it, improve your contents regularly, apply some SEO techniques and some others traffic increasing techniques than your site will be able to get minimum 1000 hits per day and it will increase day by day. These traffics are enough for you to get a nice monthly income from google.

If you want to make money without any investment for free. Just apply for Google AdSense account today, submit your site to them. They will review your site and approve your application. If they disapprove the application, they will send you the reason for disapprove. You can re-submit an application, just read the mail they sent you that contains the disapprove notification.

If you already have a blogger Blogthan it will be easier for you to apply. Provide all correct and accurate information's during the form filled up. After approval of your application Google will provide you various HTML codes including Banner and Text link ads. Place the code into sites HTML body. If you already have some basic knowledge about HTML, it will be easier for you. Select the place of the ads that is easily visible for your reader. How much you will earn depends on the click on the ads made by your visitors of your sites. More clicks on the ads, more money for you!

For CPC- Cost per Click, you will get some cents (may be 0.01$ to 0.50$ or may be higher) for each click made on each ad. Your clicker don't need to buy any thing.

For CPA-Cost per Action or CPM, you will get commission how much your user performs an action like: purchase products, Sign up for a service etc.
Go to: Google adsense support for any kind of help related to AdSense. I recommend you to read this before apply. You can find lots of free resources on the internet about Google AdSense. You can use Google Forum for more information's, Forum will get you some extra benefits. If you need more information you can make a search to find any kind of info about AdSense.

There are lots of other ad sites you can apply for CPM, CPC, CPA. If your application get disapproved by google, than try with another one like,,,, and lots of others sites on the net. Join today, place their ads on your site and start earning. Before get started with any ad sites read their terms and policies. How they will pay you. Through Check, Pay pal, direct transfer, moneybrookers or e-gold. For Bangladeshi some methods are not possible like PayPal.

The basic is same for all sites. But how much you will earn it depends on your own website or blog traffic. You will get more money if your reader made more clicks on the ads to your site.
Suppose, if your site get 5000 to 10000 hits daily and if only 100 people click on the ads than on an average you will get 200 - 300 US$ monthly.

Start earning right now. M writing will not help you enough, if you don't have your own interests and creativity. You can find lots of tips on the internet how to increase traffic to your site. Apply these to your site, do some hard work, express yourself to others. Remember nobody is going to pay you any money until you show your creativity or help others. 

Your knowledge, your words, your hobby or anything can sell on the internet. What you need is just a well plan how you are going to make this happen. Don't be afraid, keep patience. In my writing I am not giving you too many references to follow. I always prefer to use a search engine that will help you to find the best for your need 
That's all for Today, Thanks.


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Monday, May 18, 2009

Free and Exclusive Online Money Making Programs for Bangladesh

There are lots of online money making programs on the internet. Lots of peoples around the world are earning huge online revenue from their home office !

India is the country that making much money from their internet related service than any other countries in South Asia or Asia. The IT sector in India is more powerful than many countries in the world. Every year they earn lots of foreign revenue from this sector.

People from Bangladesh can also earn huge online money using these popular, easy and favorite money making methods on the internet. This culture has not clearly grown up in Bangladesh. But it will be more popular within some days cause the technology is getting easy here day by day. Because this technique includes use of Internet Technology and Technology has a great power to attract people. A lot of Bangladeshi famous Blog / Blog Sites publishing now and many blogger involved with these blogs, already have started their own business and earning money.

Even some professionals are giving ad on daily Newspaper and on then internet to attend in seminar or workshop where they discusses about several methods of earning money from the Internet. So, people of Bangladesh have already started to know how they can do it and in a few days we will start to make money from online.

Here in this post I made a brief discussion about online money making ways that are suitable for Bangladeshi peoples. In my upcoming posts I am going to describe these method broadly which will help Bangladeshi Newbie Internet Marketer to get started. By following these simple ways any one can earn money from Bangladesh.

Make Money with your own Websites or Blog:

If you already have a website or blog and the site is getting well number of visitors through worldwide regularly than there are some third party websites are looking for you. You can place their products ad (Banner or Text link ads) on your sites and they will pay you on CPC, CPM or CPA basis. How much will you make it depends on your website traffic.

"Moooore traaaaaffic moooooore mooooney". I read a lots of articles related to Money Making strategies on the net. I think For Bangladeshi blogger or webmasters, Google Adsense is the best way to make money from online. Other websites like,,,,, are the same kind of ad provider. Before starting with any of these kind of sites read their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

CPC means Cost-Per-Click
CPA means Cost-Per-Action and
CPM means Cost-Per-Thousand impressions

If you don't have your own Website or Blog:

If you don't have any blog or website, don't need to be worry about that!
Publish your own blog today. As a Bangladeshi I personally recommend starting with your own blog on free blogging platform like Because Blogs are very very powerful on the internet.

Please avoid Copy-Paste. Try to write something unique, a unique content brings lots of traffic. Create your blog and make posts regularly, try to do on a daily basis at the initial. Try some optimization techniques for search engines (SEO) to optimize your blog. SEO is not so easy but not so hard also ! You will find tons of free resources about how to start a blog, SEO tips for blogs, how to spice up your blogs, how to bring lots od traffic to your blog etc. All you need is just to start it immediately, keep on hard working and keep patience, keep eyes regularly on the net how other bloggers are doing it. You just do the right from your side, Money will find you; you don't need to search for it!

After running your own successful site (blog or website) apply for the previous mentioned ad marketing websites for CPC, CPM or CPA and start earn from Bangladesh. There are many other ways to make money using a successful blog, if you can run successful blog (lots of traffics daily) money will start coming automatically!
This is not a hidden secret! Is it?

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn Lots of Money from the internet. Many successful online Marketers says "start internet marketing with your own products". Do you have any product of your own ?

If so, than start marketing your product today on your site, there are other ways to do that. If you don't have any product then the best way is to starts selling others and get the commission. Lots of online Affiliate Programs are here but you should choose the perfect for your blog before get register with any affiliate network. Read their terms and policies well and the actual matched product for your blog. Gather information's about their products and quality how peoples are looking for those, do they really buy from them etc. Do some special research.

Make review about their products, do some mathematics if needed, compare everything with other affiliate network. Make a search with the phrase "best affiliate" or something like that. You will see many websites heading like these "top 10 affiliates", "Top ten affiliate programs", "best affiliate on the net" etc. But the best list of affiliates that every sites offering are not same. Than which one is the best ? Need doing a research before the final countdown.

If you decide to select an affiliate program you should examine the site first. You can try with Commission Junction (,,, They offer affiliate products but they don't have their own products, they act like a media. Others like Medstore, Cardoffer, Myrxcash, Regnow, Interactive Brands etc have their own products. I am not recommending any sites cause I didn't worked with them. But as a Bangladeshi you can make huge cash from these sites too. Don't think about the Payment Method. Earn something, its your money, you will definitely get it.

Make Money from writing Articles:

Another money making way is if you don't have any website or blog, don't worry!
Write for others.
Can you write article ? Can you make review for other products ? If so, than start to make some cash from home, write an article submit it to other websites and get paid. If your article get accepted and a number of visitors read it on their sites they will pay you. How much they will pay you it depends on your article visitors or their action.
Before join those sites read their policies and terms well. If visitor likes your writing you will get more payments and get invite for more writings. Write something ultimate, unique and interesting. There are many article submission sites like,,, and many others.

Work as a Freelancer from Home:

Do you have any programming language knowledge and Database Management skills like MySql, Oracle, PHP, Joomla, Java, C, C++ or any others ?
Any experiences of Data Entry work or do you know MS Office better ?
Web design, Graphics Design, or SEO?

What is your profession?
Are you an architect, Civil Engineer or a School Teacher ? Whatever!
You can find your desired freelance job on the internet whatever your profession is! Browse,,,,,, etc for more details about how to do it !
All these are freelancing websites. You can find your home job from here. Before get register read their policies and terms and Privacy Policy.

There are some other online money making systems on the internet.
Like Pay-Per-Play (PPP)
Playing games online and earn
Online Survey
Earning money with sharing or upload Photos, Videos !
Join Online Community and earn

There are lots of online programs are available you can make real money. Make money with fun, or try something hard. Whatever you want to do just start it right now (recommended).
Don't waste your time. There are lots of Scam, Fake, Frauds on the internet, always try to be aware of them.

From Bangladesh the above ways I described will be easier. Another important thing is how they will send you the money, Check, Paypal, e-glod, moneybrookers or Direct transfer to your account! Don't think about this payment method deeply. Ther are lots of way you can get your earned money.

From Bangladesh you can't get paid through Paypal. Try something really hard to find out the online treasure. You don't need to an American, an European, an Australian or an Indian only to make money from online!

As a Bangladeshi you can do that, Chances are blinking in front of you, just grave those
Nobody can teach you any secrets unless you start your own. Feel free to make your valuable comments on the below box. Your advice, tips about this topic will highly appreciated.

Best of Luck!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Money Making Secret - Start your own Blog right now !

Start writing your own blog right now. If you already planned to earn some real cash from online than don't waste a single minute. I recommend for any new Blogger to start their Online Business with a blog. Because a successful blog can make a online millionaire easily and this blog can be use in many other internet money making strategies. There are lots of money making systems on the internet. From all these, Blogging is the best for all new money maker and if you think its right, than please don't waste your time. Than do some research, use pen and paper, start your blog with a scratch. 

Start with a better BLOG:
How to start with a better blog?
Today in internet marketing world the most powerful money making technique is Blogging. Everybody who like it or not but has a sound knowledge about how to make money through online must agree with this.

Need proof?
Start a search on Google with any topic you wish. Can you see something? How many results are there? From these results how many of them are blogs? Can you recognize those?

Look at the Image bellow:
This search was made on 18-may-2009, keyword phrase - "make money".

  • In the Image there are three portions that show the results. I have marked the 1st and the 2nd portion, these two are sponsored links or ads, you don't need to look at those.
  • Look at the third portion, the search results found here are from all blogs and websites on the internet. Just look at the site addresses in the end section each result.
  • I highlighted four results as an example to show you from which of the results are Blogs for the keyword "make money".

  • The third and fourth are not blogs. These are other two favorite websites.

Now, can you make a picture how powerful a blog can be! Off course not every Blogs are powerful. Any one can write a blog, that's another thing. But if you want to appear your blog on the first page of a search engine results like Google, Bing, Yahoo than some exceptional things you need to do with a blog.

From millions of results, a Blog is in the first pages and in position-1, can you imagine?
But how?!
"This is the secrets !" 

The secrets of a better Blog are not hidden actually. I have told you already, there are tons of information's on the web you can find. Start another search you will find lots of free resources about How to Start a Blog, Best Blogging Tips, Initial steps need to do, start with a scratch.. or many other valuable information about blogging. Just read and watch, what other people doing and how they are doing. If you can watch it carefully, learn it care fully and make practices all time than you will be the winner.

Make from your own: 

The first secret for Blogger is - Your own Creativity.
Try to publish a brand new, unique blog on the internet. Find blog topic related to your interests, passion, desire and thoughts. Don't make a copy-paste blog, Google will banned your blog. Write something unique from your own, this may be about yourself, about your friends and family, about any of your favorite topic, about your hobby, your business. Select a title of the blog that you know better about it. But keep in mind whatever you write on your blog must be attractable by your readers. Otherwise Search Engines will detect your Blog as Spam Blog. It's very important to write something unique and appreciable. 

Another Secret is - need Patience.
When I started blogging, on an average in every week I created minimum two blog sites ! I tried to follow others, select some decent and favorite topics searched regularly on the internet. For every blog after making 2, 3, or 5 posts I could not find anything to write. I didn't set my focus on my creativity.  Because, I was in a little bit hurry (!) to earn lots of money from online. . . ! (ha ha ha). And the results was, some of my blogs were deleted by GOOGLE (my blogging platform was, Some of those deleted by me!

So, Readers,

If you want to make money from online using your blog than you need to find out your own interests about which you can write a lots. Find your targeted niche of the topic. Prepared yourself for more patience and hard works. In first few months try something heart and soul to establish your own brand on the market, than the money will start rolling to your bank account, it won't stop. This is true, as I have learned this true thing from most famous blogger of the world.

If you want to make money from online as a part time or full time, whatever you want to do find out the online treasure vault, what money making system you choose does not matter. Just start doing it right now!
It's not a one or two day task. Best of Luck !



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Real Secrets to make money from Online

Is there any Secrets Hidden to Make Money Online

The answer is "YES" ! There are lots of hidden secrets to earn huge money through online. Yes, this is not funny!

Everyone, including you can do this. Everyone means peoples who use internet regularly!

Just start a search entering any keyword / phrases related to the word "online money" on Google, Yahoo, MSN or any other search engine on the web, you will see a lots of websites, blogs containing lots of money making strategies on the internet. You will get tons of information from these sites. And anything they are telling you about earning from the net is not wrong ! Though lots of Scams are available, but the truth is SCAM's are done by following the Originals. So, don't to be afraid, if you think you can do it, just keep on going. 

There are lots of scammers, frauds are walking all over the internet. You need to just be ware of them, Please don't buy any product until knowing some details about it. It is better to think well, before doing something. Don't worry about how you can know details about any product, just do a little bit research on the net, this is best thing I always follow when try to find something new. This is my first post in this blog, I am also a newbie like you ! But the truth is that "I know I can, if I always stay on the right track". You will find huge information about any kind of products available selling on the net.

Now, the question is, how can anyone do this? is that really so easy?

How can anyone earn money from online? Is there any secrets yet? Or anything else!
If so, than what are those hidden secrets we need to know ?

There are many online money making systems. First of all you need a proper mindset that you want to make real money from online. Than all you need is to:
  • Own a personal computer with internet connection.
  • Have some basic knowledge about internet, HTML etc.
  • Willing to learn new things.
  • At least 4 to 5 working hours per day, initially it will be better if you spend more time.

The first one is the basic requirements, we all know that it has no alternative. Since you are going to make money for your living using online so you must connect yourself to the Information Super Highway.

The second one is another very important because, You need some basic knowledge about Internet, Web, Email, how to log-in, creating online account for any particular internet related service from other websites. These are the most common basics knowledge. And then other 2nd preferred knowledge like programmings, HTML, CSS, PHP, Joomla, WordPress etc are hardly required if you want to do something better. So if you don't have some sound knowledge about it than it will be very much difficult for you to achieve your goal or it will be tough to find the Online Treasure.

Basic knowledge about HTML will be an advancement for your own works on the internet.
If you already have money, you can have more from the internet!
Cause "Money Brings Money"! You can earn through online or by doing any other business! I mean, if you make an investment of your money in any good business or other money making systems, you can get more! There are lots of online business system, E-commerce related business. . . huge !

But what if you don't have enough money to get start your own online business?!

Two important things you need to know if you want to find out the online treasure!
* Positive Attitude
* Creativity
* Patience

These are hidden secrets to get wealth in life. These things are more and more powerful than money, isn't it? These are the main basic requirements for those who wants to know the hidden secrets to make money from online.

You can say "there are no secrets to make money through online", we need only hard work to make money online. I am also agreeing with you! But in my point of view, the secrets are those that helps us to do the Hard Works easily. They say it, because they have already known the secrets and they are success. So these secrets are not hidden to them.

But for people who don't know anything or a little about it? Like me, like you, like someone else? 

Dear viewers, I am going to share my upcoming knowledge's learning, experiences in this blog. Lots of peoples are trying to make money from the online, I am one of them like you. Please, feel free to use the comment option of this blog if you have any kind of questions, any better idea about blogging, online money, secrets related topic.



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