Saturday, November 10, 2012

Once you Started Writing for your Blog - You did it !

The Scariest Part of a Article writing is the Starting of a blog post. Once you started writing, you will be able to see the dancing of words. Lots of words, lots of sentences about the topic you are writing about will come up in your mind screen one by one. I have faced this problem lots of time, not only me actually, I think this is the most common problem for any human being when he / she want to start writing something.

Dear readers, in this post I am going to share you something valuable about writing articles, this tips will really help any one to produce an article. Cause these are the most common mistakes that I have made a lot in the past. I was in vacation for the last 3 days, yesterday when I came here in my Home, I tried to write something but I didn't even open the New Post Window. I thought, "next day I will do it". And when the Next day has become today, I feel the same situation like yesterday. I have started thinking that I must write a post about a topic, I need to select one Topic and . . . . But I didn't started the writing in the whole day, I was keep on thinking that blah blah blah.... But at the evening when I start to write something I found lots of topic and writing tools in my head ! Once I have started writing and this post came up. You can read it.

  • The time and place is very important to write anything better. Because you need a nice and cool place, the time when your start writing need to be more silence. A better place and a flexible time will help anyone to produce a better, quality and unique Article. Although some famous writers are different, they can produce quality article in anywhere and any places. But most of us who want to write posts for their blog are not like that. Personally I need better silence and cool place to produce any unique and quality article.

  • We all know that Contents Are King for any blog. So, if you want to success in the blogging area than you must do something exceptional or you have to produce some unique and quality contents for your blog. Lots of competitor has been arrived in this Blogging Game and huge are coming in that field in the upcoming future. So, whatever you do, keep in mind the truth that you have to write something better for your blog to attract your readers.

  • Posting Review about others websites, blogs, books are very interesting and easy way to make your blog rich in contents. But, that review should be written in your own format, don't copy others reviews, it will take your readers away from your blog. Read the Article / Book / Blogs / Sites once or twice or even more before write a review, try to learn something from your reading this will help to write better review posts for your blog.

  • This post is about the importance of Start the Writing instant. So, whatever you do or think, start your writing now, don't make any delay, you don't need to think about any negative thoughts, don't spend your thinking for anything Negative. Don't give those bad thoughts any chance to show up in your mind. You could think that.. "I am going to write after one hour" or "I cant do it right now, I need more time" or "nothing is going to happen with my blogging" etc and etc.. Please don't give any chance those Negative Thoughts to hunt you. I am a sufferer of that kind of BAD ATTITUDE and I am giving you these advice based on my personal experiences.

Always try to write something or even a single word or a single sentences or a put a hint/clue about your next writing topic, this will really help. I am writing this post about some tips about to start writing instantly. I have already planned during the writing that I am going to write my next Article about Freelancing or Outsourcing. And after successfully finishing this post I will open a new editor about my next post as a draft. This really help me a lot, wish you too.

That's all for today, I need to write some other posts in my other blogs.
Best of Luck !

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Secrets of my Own Article Writing Tactic

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Secrets of my own Article Writing Tactic

Content is King !
This saying is the universal truth and most common and important method to attract lots of readers to any blog or website. Forget about the Search Engines, if your blog get lots of hits and Page views per day than you don't need to think about Search Engine rankings. If you have lots of loyal readers who are waiting to read your exceptional, unique and better writings than every Search Engines will find your blog from the Host Machine of your blog. This is my personal thinking about content and traffic. Because every Search Engines Algorithms are getting smarter day by day, Programmers are developing Algorithm by following the Human characteristics. They are trying to develop these algorithms closer to human thinking. So, you if you can attract human readers than you don't to worry about Search Engines, they will attract and scroll your website regularly and will provide you a better ranking.
But, what type of contents are KING ? How to write some Unique and Quality Content ? Previously I posted two posts related to the topic Quality Content, you can read these clicking on the following links:
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In this post, I am going to tell you about one of my secret that I apply to write some Unique and Quality Content. This helps me a lot, though its a simple strategy of writing. But it helps me a lot to produce a better and Unique Article.

Choose your Title and Start Writing:
After finalized your Post Title or topic that you are going to write about in your blog, you need to start writing the article. Suppose you want to write a 500+ words article, start your writing with a few sentences or words, like 4, 5, 10 or more sentences 30, 40 or 50 words. If you are unable to wrote the initial sentences than this tactic won't be much helpful for you ! Try to produce these initial sentences or words from inside yourself. Don't copy others, read others and try to understand what are they saying about the topic or subject and write something analyzing those. You will find lots of views and differences when various writer writes about the same Topic. The meaning is same for all of these but the strategies, grammars, words, phrases used in those writings are different. And this helps to build a unique content.

Start reviewing again and again those Sentences and Words:
After writing some initial sentences start reviewing or revising each of the words and sentences you wrote. Apply your own thoughts how you can make those sentences long without changing the basic meaning. Is it seems to be difficult ? Lets take a look the following Example:

Initial 2 sentences (27 words):
I read an article yesterday about Stress and Depression on the internet. The writer told in the article how peoples are getting attack by stress and depression.

After first Review (54 words):
I read an Article yesterday from one of my favorite writers who used to write various article related to our mental health. He writes about Stress and Depression on that article. The writer tried to get attention of the readers about how peoples are getting attacked by these mental disaster like Stress and Depression.

After 2nd Review (122 words):
Today I am going to discuss about one important topic related to our mental and physical health. I used to read lots of articles on the internet related to my field of interests regularly cause I like to learn. Yesterday I read an article of a famous Writer (.....), in his article the Writer gives some important and useful information's about Stress and Depression. I learned some useful things from his writing and I think it is also very important for all of us to know the bad effects of Stress and Depression in our practical life. The writer shows how we are getting attacked by Stress and Depression and other mental disorder in our practical life and getting effected by the these...
Is there any meaning differences in those three writings ? Almost 3 of these above paragraph has the same meaning, Isn't it ? First I wrote only two lines which include 27 words only. Than after the first review / revision I wrote a 54 words paragraph. And after the third review I wrote a paragraph of 122 words! Please don't try to find out any serious mistakes in this example. I gave this example of writing to make you clear about my own tactic of writing. It really helps me a lot.

Dear readers,
Wish this secrets will help you a little to produce a Unique and Quality Content for your blog or website. Do you have any secret writing tactic that could help me and my readers ? Please let me know. You can share your thinking / tactic / secret / tips about writing a Quality and Unique content.

Thanks a lot.

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Length of a Post - Long or Short which is better for a Blog ?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Length of a Post - Long or Short which is better for a Blog ?

Dear Readers,
Today I have read one Article describing about the subject of the title in this post (Length of a blog post). It is a famous blog by Darren Rows (problogger), The article described about the length of a blog post, what should be the standard length of a blog post. The writer discussed the matter wisely on different angle, you can read more details about clicking on the above Problogger link. The general opinion of the length for a typical blog post is between 250 words to 1000 words. That means, the length of your article / post should not less than 250 words and not exceed 1000 words. Another important I learned that on an average, blog readers are staying 96 second on a page.

After reading this post and the comments below the post, I started to find some other article related to that topic. What I have learned and understood by reading some articles about the typical, standard or recommended length of a blog post or an article, is going to write here in this post. You are most welcome to share your own view and thoughts about this topic in the comment section of this blog.

Length of an article depend on the type of Blog and topic of a Post:
I am not a blogger, am a reader also, I like to read others article, lots of famous bloggers blog has been bookmarked in all of my browsers. All these blogs are getting a huge number of Page views daily. Some of these blogs always publishes contents bigger than 2000 words and their average post length is 2500+ words. The blogger of that blog is making lots of money using his blog cause he has a huge number of loyal readers and getting lots of readers through Search Engines. This blog is about Personal Development. Another Blog I always use to read is a Technical NEWS and REVIEWS Blog which always publishes posts of an average length of 250 words. That blogger is also making lots of money using his blog and the blogger has also some loyal readers and Search Engines forwarded readers. Another famous blog is doing the same but their average length is 600+ words. I can give lots of example of successful blog containing different average post length, like 700+, 1200+, 1600+ and so on..

Now, what do you think ? What length of post is better for your blog ?

I think that the acceptable standard and preferred length of a post depend on the type of your blog. What is the category or type of the blog you are publishing. If you publish a NEWS and REVIEWS blog than your standard post length can be between 250 to 500 words. If you publish a blog with more deep level topic subject like I told before Personal Development, Education blog, or Thesis blog, experimental blog etc, than the length of your article or post can exceed even 5000 words. So, based on my opinion I can tell you that the exact length of a blog post is depend on the topic of your blog.

Give priority to your Audiences:
The main reason of blogging is to attract new readers and viewers. Every bloggers always try to make some loyal readers to establish or success in the blogging field. After getting a lots of hit per day you can make money using your blog or whatever you want to do with your blog, you can. One important thing all blogger says that "write always for your audiences not for the Search Engines" writing Quality Content is very very important for a new blog. Since you have started blogging, you must have a targeted audiences because this is the most important thing which helps to become a successful blogger, this will help to find out a targeted Niche in your blog. So if you want to increase your blog readers or viewers more than tell your readers about the topic / subject of your upcoming post and if possible ask them some questions which will help to determine what the probable length of your article or blog post will be.

Thanks for reading my blog, that's all for today. I need to write some other posts for my other blog. My upcoming post is about my own secret about How I write Unique Content.

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Article writing secrets tactic of my own

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Freelancer dot com - Lots of Opportunities for Freelancers

They ( claim that they are the largest Marketplace in the outsourcing field and they are empowering the Entrepreneurs ans Small Business in the World. Why not try today with FREELENCER dot com, if you are interested to make some real money from online and if you think you can do some hard work and have patience. There are lots of projects available to done here, but before get any job you need to bid first. In the front page you will see the latest statistics of the total number of Professionals or Freelancers are getting registered each time with and the number of Projects posted and their total costs.

Top Categories Projects:
I think, you will find your desired job here that you looking for. IT related and non-IT related projects are available here. Some of the Top Categories are:
PHP, Website Design, HTML, Graphic Design, Data Entry, Internet Marketing, MySQL, MS Excel, Data Processing, Article Writing, SEO, Marketing, Mobile Phone, Copy Writing, Link Building, CSS, WordPress, iPhone, Software Architecture, Copy Training, JavaScript, FaceBook, Social Networking, Anything Goes, Logo Design, Photoshop, Sales, Android, Article Rewriting, AJAX, eCommerce, HTML5, jQuery / Prototype, Blog, Web Search, Shopping Cart, Leads, Ghostwriting, Bulk Marketing, Flash, Dot Net, C and C++ Programming, Java and C# Programing, iPad, Reviews, Magento, AcademicWriting, eBay, User Interface / IA, Joomla, Virtual Assistant, Animation, Video Services, Translation, Technical Writing, Web Scraping, Twitter, Product Description, BPO, YouTube, Research, 3D Animation, Illustrator, PSD to HTML, Article Submission, Objective C, Visual Basic, 3D Modeling, Proofreading, Linux, SQL, 3D Rendering.

Is it really large ? Try it today, start your own freelance business, make some real cash. Initially it could take a long time to win the first bid, but once you win a job and if you can make your Employer satisfied than you will be able to make a good Profile as a Freelancer. This will be the start of the rolling (money). You need hard work and patience to make money online, remember ? So, go ahead.. you can do it !

How it Works ?
You can sign up as a Worker / Provider only or as an Employer only or even both as a worker and employer. Click HERE to signup as a new user if you are not already a member at As a worker you can bid any projects on the board from the huge number of projects, but before making any bid read all the details and you must understand that you can fulfill the projects and employer's requirements. Don't make any bid if you have a little bit confusion about yourself. For a free account you will get a bid limit also.

It's also easy for any Employer to get a job done at If you are an Employer you need to just follow these simple 5 Steps.

Dear Readers,
To know more details, if you have any other question about about visit their site. Read their Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies before signup, definitely it will help you a lot.
Good Luck ! Happy hunting !

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Get micro payments from Microworkers

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Get Micro Payments at Microworkers - Freelancing another excellent Freelancing / Outsourcing site for online Freelancer. If you want to make money from online as a individual contractor or provider, from your home computer by completing some simple tasks than Microworkers could be better choice for you. Job offered by microworkers are Forum posting, Making comments on Youtube and other sites, Providing Yahoo answers, Small article for Blog / Site, New Signups etc. Since all jobs are simple and easy, the payment is also small and micro. May be that's why the name is Microworkers.

Microworkers provide two types of account:

1) Employer: As an employer you can posts a job to be done. You can make your profile rich and ask people to:
* Vote for your Photo
* Rate your Videos
* Help you promote on FaceBook
* Follow you on Twitter
* Sign up to a Website
* Bookmark your website and much more.

2) Workers: Completed the job and get paid by the Employer. As a Worker or Provider you can do the following:
* Browse from lots of micro jobs.
* Select jobs you like
* Finish the task and submit the proof.
* Get paid for your job done.

Sample works: Take a look at the following screenshot for Sample works.

Payment method accept in Microwprkers:
Alertpay, Payza, Visa / Master Card, Wire Card, Moneybookers, Skrill, Comodo Secure.

If you want to know more details about microworkers just visit their FAQ Section, you will get your answer.

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