Saturday, November 10, 2012

Once you Started Writing for your Blog - You did it !

The Scariest Part of a Article writing is the Starting of a blog post. Once you started writing, you will be able to see the dancing of words. Lots of words, lots of sentences about the topic you are writing about will come up in your mind screen one by one. I have faced this problem lots of time, not only me actually, I think this is the most common problem for any human being when he / she want to start writing something.

Dear readers, in this post I am going to share you something valuable about writing articles, this tips will really help any one to produce an article. Cause these are the most common mistakes that I have made a lot in the past. I was in vacation for the last 3 days, yesterday when I came here in my Home, I tried to write something but I didn't even open the New Post Window. I thought, "next day I will do it". And when the Next day has become today, I feel the same situation like yesterday. I have started thinking that I must write a post about a topic, I need to select one Topic and . . . . But I didn't started the writing in the whole day, I was keep on thinking that blah blah blah.... But at the evening when I start to write something I found lots of topic and writing tools in my head ! Once I have started writing and this post came up. You can read it.

  • The time and place is very important to write anything better. Because you need a nice and cool place, the time when your start writing need to be more silence. A better place and a flexible time will help anyone to produce a better, quality and unique Article. Although some famous writers are different, they can produce quality article in anywhere and any places. But most of us who want to write posts for their blog are not like that. Personally I need better silence and cool place to produce any unique and quality article.

  • We all know that Contents Are King for any blog. So, if you want to success in the blogging area than you must do something exceptional or you have to produce some unique and quality contents for your blog. Lots of competitor has been arrived in this Blogging Game and huge are coming in that field in the upcoming future. So, whatever you do, keep in mind the truth that you have to write something better for your blog to attract your readers.

  • Posting Review about others websites, blogs, books are very interesting and easy way to make your blog rich in contents. But, that review should be written in your own format, don't copy others reviews, it will take your readers away from your blog. Read the Article / Book / Blogs / Sites once or twice or even more before write a review, try to learn something from your reading this will help to write better review posts for your blog.

  • This post is about the importance of Start the Writing instant. So, whatever you do or think, start your writing now, don't make any delay, you don't need to think about any negative thoughts, don't spend your thinking for anything Negative. Don't give those bad thoughts any chance to show up in your mind. You could think that.. "I am going to write after one hour" or "I cant do it right now, I need more time" or "nothing is going to happen with my blogging" etc and etc.. Please don't give any chance those Negative Thoughts to hunt you. I am a sufferer of that kind of BAD ATTITUDE and I am giving you these advice based on my personal experiences.

Always try to write something or even a single word or a single sentences or a put a hint/clue about your next writing topic, this will really help. I am writing this post about some tips about to start writing instantly. I have already planned during the writing that I am going to write my next Article about Freelancing or Outsourcing. And after successfully finishing this post I will open a new editor about my next post as a draft. This really help me a lot, wish you too.

That's all for today, I need to write some other posts in my other blogs.
Best of Luck !

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