Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Secrets of my own Article Writing Tactic

Content is King !
This saying is the universal truth and most common and important method to attract lots of readers to any blog or website. Forget about the Search Engines, if your blog get lots of hits and Page views per day than you don't need to think about Search Engine rankings. If you have lots of loyal readers who are waiting to read your exceptional, unique and better writings than every Search Engines will find your blog from the Host Machine of your blog. This is my personal thinking about content and traffic. Because every Search Engines Algorithms are getting smarter day by day, Programmers are developing Algorithm by following the Human characteristics. They are trying to develop these algorithms closer to human thinking. So, you if you can attract human readers than you don't to worry about Search Engines, they will attract and scroll your website regularly and will provide you a better ranking.
But, what type of contents are KING ? How to write some Unique and Quality Content ? Previously I posted two posts related to the topic Quality Content, you can read these clicking on the following links:
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In this post, I am going to tell you about one of my secret that I apply to write some Unique and Quality Content. This helps me a lot, though its a simple strategy of writing. But it helps me a lot to produce a better and Unique Article.

Choose your Title and Start Writing:
After finalized your Post Title or topic that you are going to write about in your blog, you need to start writing the article. Suppose you want to write a 500+ words article, start your writing with a few sentences or words, like 4, 5, 10 or more sentences 30, 40 or 50 words. If you are unable to wrote the initial sentences than this tactic won't be much helpful for you ! Try to produce these initial sentences or words from inside yourself. Don't copy others, read others and try to understand what are they saying about the topic or subject and write something analyzing those. You will find lots of views and differences when various writer writes about the same Topic. The meaning is same for all of these but the strategies, grammars, words, phrases used in those writings are different. And this helps to build a unique content.

Start reviewing again and again those Sentences and Words:
After writing some initial sentences start reviewing or revising each of the words and sentences you wrote. Apply your own thoughts how you can make those sentences long without changing the basic meaning. Is it seems to be difficult ? Lets take a look the following Example:

Initial 2 sentences (27 words):
I read an article yesterday about Stress and Depression on the internet. The writer told in the article how peoples are getting attack by stress and depression.

After first Review (54 words):
I read an Article yesterday from one of my favorite writers who used to write various article related to our mental health. He writes about Stress and Depression on that article. The writer tried to get attention of the readers about how peoples are getting attacked by these mental disaster like Stress and Depression.

After 2nd Review (122 words):
Today I am going to discuss about one important topic related to our mental and physical health. I used to read lots of articles on the internet related to my field of interests regularly cause I like to learn. Yesterday I read an article of a famous Writer (.....), in his article the Writer gives some important and useful information's about Stress and Depression. I learned some useful things from his writing and I think it is also very important for all of us to know the bad effects of Stress and Depression in our practical life. The writer shows how we are getting attacked by Stress and Depression and other mental disorder in our practical life and getting effected by the these...
Is there any meaning differences in those three writings ? Almost 3 of these above paragraph has the same meaning, Isn't it ? First I wrote only two lines which include 27 words only. Than after the first review / revision I wrote a 54 words paragraph. And after the third review I wrote a paragraph of 122 words! Please don't try to find out any serious mistakes in this example. I gave this example of writing to make you clear about my own tactic of writing. It really helps me a lot.

Dear readers,
Wish this secrets will help you a little to produce a Unique and Quality Content for your blog or website. Do you have any secret writing tactic that could help me and my readers ? Please let me know. You can share your thinking / tactic / secret / tips about writing a Quality and Unique content.

Thanks a lot.

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