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Length of a Post - Long or Short which is better for a Blog ?

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Today I have read one Article describing about the subject of the title in this post (Length of a blog post). It is a famous blog by Darren Rows (problogger), The article described about the length of a blog post, what should be the standard length of a blog post. The writer discussed the matter wisely on different angle, you can read more details about clicking on the above Problogger link. The general opinion of the length for a typical blog post is between 250 words to 1000 words. That means, the length of your article / post should not less than 250 words and not exceed 1000 words. Another important I learned that on an average, blog readers are staying 96 second on a page.

After reading this post and the comments below the post, I started to find some other article related to that topic. What I have learned and understood by reading some articles about the typical, standard or recommended length of a blog post or an article, is going to write here in this post. You are most welcome to share your own view and thoughts about this topic in the comment section of this blog.

Length of an article depend on the type of Blog and topic of a Post:
I am not a blogger, am a reader also, I like to read others article, lots of famous bloggers blog has been bookmarked in all of my browsers. All these blogs are getting a huge number of Page views daily. Some of these blogs always publishes contents bigger than 2000 words and their average post length is 2500+ words. The blogger of that blog is making lots of money using his blog cause he has a huge number of loyal readers and getting lots of readers through Search Engines. This blog is about Personal Development. Another Blog I always use to read is a Technical NEWS and REVIEWS Blog which always publishes posts of an average length of 250 words. That blogger is also making lots of money using his blog and the blogger has also some loyal readers and Search Engines forwarded readers. Another famous blog is doing the same but their average length is 600+ words. I can give lots of example of successful blog containing different average post length, like 700+, 1200+, 1600+ and so on..

Now, what do you think ? What length of post is better for your blog ?

I think that the acceptable standard and preferred length of a post depend on the type of your blog. What is the category or type of the blog you are publishing. If you publish a NEWS and REVIEWS blog than your standard post length can be between 250 to 500 words. If you publish a blog with more deep level topic subject like I told before Personal Development, Education blog, or Thesis blog, experimental blog etc, than the length of your article or post can exceed even 5000 words. So, based on my opinion I can tell you that the exact length of a blog post is depend on the topic of your blog.

Give priority to your Audiences:
The main reason of blogging is to attract new readers and viewers. Every bloggers always try to make some loyal readers to establish or success in the blogging field. After getting a lots of hit per day you can make money using your blog or whatever you want to do with your blog, you can. One important thing all blogger says that "write always for your audiences not for the Search Engines" writing Quality Content is very very important for a new blog. Since you have started blogging, you must have a targeted audiences because this is the most important thing which helps to become a successful blogger, this will help to find out a targeted Niche in your blog. So if you want to increase your blog readers or viewers more than tell your readers about the topic / subject of your upcoming post and if possible ask them some questions which will help to determine what the probable length of your article or blog post will be.

Thanks for reading my blog, that's all for today. I need to write some other posts for my other blog. My upcoming post is about my own secret about How I write Unique Content.

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