Saturday, May 4, 2013

Search Engine Optimization in my Blogs

I am working on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and my six different blogs on six different topics helping me a lot on SEO. Some valuable tips and tricks related to SEO from the famous bloggers around the world, has published in my previous posts, most of those were "Off-Page Search Engine Optimization" related tips and tricks.

But today, this post is only about On-Page SEO and most of the tips here are my own tactics that I am applying currently in all of my blogs. These are not tips actually, I am just telling what I am doing right now with my six different blogs. I have paused all kind of off-page SEO techniques for my blogs such as, back_link (url / blog submission etc), social_site_marketing (facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, linkedin etc) techniques applying in my blogs.

I have started to thinking more about the contents of my blogs, what I ma providing in my blogs such as images, articles, useful-links, references, tips etc. "Quality Content is King", audience are looking on the internet which could help them, so I am focusing on the Content and the Quality of the posts I m providing. And for most often, I am trying to follow the Google Webmaster Guideline which really helping me a lot about matter related to Search engine Optimizations.

The traffic of all of my blogs has increased a little (especially from the last six months) and is increasing day by day after doing some On-Page Search Engine Optimization tactics. A little modification in the appearance, links, pages, etc in my blogs helps to increase the traffic. What am I doing right now with my blogs? These are not some special On-Page SEO tips but could help you a little:
  • Among those six blogs, four is running on Blogger and the other two is running on Wordpress platform. I have added a gadget in every blog which displays direct link to my other blogs as a list. Viewers can browse my other blogs by clicking on the link on the list at the side bar.
  • The expression of a single image / photo / picture can be larger than an Article of thousands words. I have started using more related images in my blogs. The traffics is increasing.
  • One of my blog is about Beautiful Bangladesh. I am trying to writing lots of review post about the Government Website / History / Organizations / / Landscape and Beauty / Positive and Good NEWS etc about the country.
  • Another blog is about Agriculture and Farming, which is my another place of interest. This is the most recent blog I've started on Wordpress platform. Currently I am writing review posts about various Agricultural related NEWS / Institutes / Organizations in Bangladesh. Than tips related to Agriculture and Farming will be publish.
You can see the changes I am doing in my other blogs your own. The most important thing to increase traffic in any blogs is, regular post. And presently I am giving more attention to make regular posting in my blogs.

The above mentioned tips are really helping me to bring traffic in my blogs, you can apply those tips in your own blog / site to increase traffic.

Thanks for reading this post.

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