Tuesday, December 25, 2012

oDesk Tests - very Helpful for Contractors

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The topic of this post is about various oDesk Tests. oDesk.com provides more than 300 free skill tests for the contractor. These tests are really very helpful for the freelancers usually who are new. oDesk provides various tests from Adobe applications to English grammar to XML. oDesk is continually adding and revising their test selection, so it will be better if you check back regularly to their site for any new test. You can take these skills tests to highlight your newly acquired skills to your potential clients.

If you new to freelancing than there's nothing to worry! oDesk also offers the a Readiness Test to help acquaint the new contractors with their system. After getting registered, Contractor job application quotas are restricted until they pass this readiness test. Once they pass the Readiness Test, their job application quotes are increased or their bid limit exceeds. The duration for the oDesk Readiness Test is only 60 minutes. There are total 25 multiple choice questions, each question has between 1 and 8 options of which 1 or more may be correct.

You can take as many as tests as you want from more than 300 skill tests. So, oDesk always recommend contractors for check the list and take tests that correspond with skills they want to present to potential clients. Because these helps any client to find out his desired contractor. There is no penalty for failing in any test and it is FREE and anyone can retake the test after 30 days. You can also hide any tests scores if you do not like.

Here are some helpful suggestions / tips based on web portal of oDesk.com:

  • If you see a job post that you are interested in, take any skills tests listed in the requested qualifications. The Client probably will not consider your application otherwise. Be sure your passing test score is public, so clients will recognize you as a qualified candidate.
  • Take tests featured on the profiles of contractors in your specific field. You can click on other candidates with public profiles on job posts, or do a search for contractors to see what tests your competitors has taken.
  • Look for unique tests, the ones not many other contractors have taken. You can sort by Tests Taken to find these hidden gems. They may be new tests or unique skills; either way you will really stand out to any client looking for that specific skill.
  • You may take as many tests to highlight as many skills as you want. However, it may not be wise to leave them all visible on your profile. Generally, we advise you make only the better than average test scores public.
  • After taking any test, a test score listed as "above average" means it was in the 50% percentile - you scored better than half of all other test takers. But, if it shows as "below average", that means the other half scored better than you. Your profile is all about showing the client you're the best person for the job. Any test where you didn't score better than most people (a percentile of 50% or lower) will hurt your profile more than it helps. So hide it, work on your skills (oDesk suggests creating things you can add to your portfolio), and retake the test after 30 days.
The Readiness Test is not a hard test. Its an easy test, actually it helps any contractor to increase his / her daily bid limit. Making money online is getting popularity day by day through world. Freelancing / Outsourcing is one of the competitive money making strategy on the net. Lots of competitors are already trying hard. So, if you really want to make real cash from this kind jod than lots of work you have to do. Don't be late, start today.

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