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Become an oDesk Affiliate and Make Cash

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This post is about another interesting Online Money Making strategy on the internet. The idea is a common, well-known and competitive method of online revenue earning idea but one thing is very important to know if you are new, the important thing is: “You need a Primary Goal Setting, Hard Work and lots of Patience to win in this field”. For those who are new to Make Money Online and if they really do hard work than it will be easy for them.

I already said that the method is typical and common and may be you have already made a guess about the method seeing on the Image I used in this post. YES, it is a typical Affiliate Program among the lots of others Affiliate Marketing Program on the internet, oDesk Affiliate Program. oDesk run their program with another famous Affiliate Marketing company in the world called Commission Junction (CJ). The oDesk Affiliate Program has no fees, its FREE, just put their provided links on your Blog or Site up and start generating revenue today.

The official web portal of says that the Affiliate Program is one of the best pay-per-lead referral programs on the internet! You can earn by introducing new users to oDesk as an oDesk Affiliate. Currently they have two main programs and both of these programs have very competitive affiliate commissions. Below are a little about these two main programs on the web portal of oDesk:

1. Job Posters (Business to Business Affiliate Program):
Target Segment: Small Business Owners, Internet Entrepreneur.
oDesk will pay you $50 for each new lead you send to them who signs up as an employer on and verifies their credit card. The affiliates best-suited for this program are those specializing in bizops, B2B sales lead generation or content related to hiring, outsourcing, off-shoring, starting a new business, or innovation and big ideas.

2. Job Seekers (Freelancer or Job Site Affiliate Program):
Target Segment: Freelancers, Consultants, Technical Experts, Those seeking employment.
oDesk will pay you $0.50 for each new lead / user you referred / send to who signs up at oDesk as a Contractor and applies for a job. This is best-suited to affiliates specializing in job sites, career-oriented content, and sites that appeal to technical experts such as graphic designers, programmers, etc.

oDesk says "We're consistently considered one of the best affiliate programs, with some of the highest EPC, best affiliate support, and freshest "swipe content" of any b2b lead generation program".

How to get started with oDesk affiliate program:

  • If you have any site or blog, than submit it today to oDesk for approval sign up today and go for it. Most sites are approved within 24 hours after the submission, as long as it isn’t engaged in any illegal or unsavory activities. There are no traffic minimums in order to participate in this program.
  • Place banners or links ads on your website or blog. Paste the provided HTML code into your blog or website.
  • Do you have any job or entrepreneurship-focused site? You can use affiliate-enabled RSS job and contractor listing feeds of oDesk to generate fresh content in real time.
  • If you are interested in writing articles on freelancing, outsourcing, entrepreneurship, technology, career or other topic? If you already mentioned or put a link back to oDesk on your site than replace that with your specially encoded URL (affiliate link) and start getting paid for your referrals.
  • Start a CPC campaign on Google AdWords using the affiliate links from oDesk.
  • If you don’t have any site or blog of your own than you don’t need to worry! With advanced link feature, you can create text links that deep link to anywhere within the domain. That means you can customize your own affiliate SEM campaign, social media marketing, direct email affiliate strategy, or anything else you can dream up!
  • Since oDesk affiliate program runs with CJ, the payments are processed through Commission Junction (CJ) on the 10th of every month, but your stats are tracked in real time.
oDesk authority has created an affiliate site with lots online tools and developer API’s for those super affiliates who wants to get creative with their CPA lead generation. For more info about this affiliate program and others please visit

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