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Most common Tips to pick a better Blog Topic

Blogging is easy but better blogging is not easy!

Millions of blogs are being created daily on various platforms like blogger, wordpress, today or self hosted blogs. But only 1 or 2 % of these turned into a successful blog on the net as per my opinion. And every year Google (Blogger) clean up their blog database and remove a number of blogs.

If your blog can’t attract your readers, you can’t become a successful blogger, traffic is the main key to success in this field. Whatever the reason of your writing, it could be just for fun, for making money online or others, but all you need is lots of traffics.

To write a successful blog choosing a right topic is very important. Traffics mainly depend on a nice and attractive topic, if a person does not find any interest about your topic he won’t read it. Does he?

In my previous post I wrote about some reasons of writing blogs.
Here are some tips to choose a better topic for a blog. These tips will be helpful for any new blogger:

Pick a topic that you know well:
Have you ever seen in your school, college or university that a teacher of physics was taking chemistry classes?! I know you didn’t. Cause, a teacher of physics know physics well, he can’t take a better class about chemistry.
So, before starting a blog always choose a topic that you can tell your readers more details about it. This is the most important part of blogging. If your readers like your article, definitely they will look for your updates regularly and they will comment on your writings, even they may ask you for something. And if they don’t find their desired answers, they will leave you. So, before starting your blog think about your topic which you know well. Take some time and choose a good one.

Pick a Topic that you feel passion for it:
A successful blogger regularly update his blogs. Not only a blogger, a successful webmaster, publisher, internet marketer any other person related to internet marketing updates their sites regularly. It’s better to update a blog in daily if you get the opportunity to do that; even it can be done in several times a day. Cause the Content is King.

Your readers will always look for new, unique, updated and latest contents. Motivate yourself about the topic of your blog for a long time. Don’t choose a subject that you don’t enjoy very much or you don’t have passion for it; otherwise it will be very tough to keep your readers. Try to write something that will come truly from your heart.

Pick a topic that you like to converse with others:
A successful blogger always communicate with his readers. Giving priority to reader’s comments is one of the main criteria of a better blog. So try to discuss about various issue with your readers always, make comments on fellow bloggers blog, it will help to increase your blogging experiences. Be responsive and be receptive about your reader’s comments and questions. You can make a conversation about various new posts in your blog. Ask your reader’s what they want in your writing. Write something that will attract to your readers to make comments on it.

Pick a topic that you like to debate with others
We all are not same or like-minded. There are different kinds of people around the world. Sometimes your readers will not agree with you. They will give their opinions which will be different from yours. As your blog become grows more people will find it on the internet. Some will give their own opinions which won’t go to your side.

A successful blogger always like to discuss with readers form various angels and appreciate a strong debate. Your readers or you, anyone could be right or wrong, a healthy debate will helps to find out which is right and which is wrong. Sometimes your readers could attack you personally. Don’t loose your patience; you need to have a thick skin that will deflect personal attacks and a strong differing opinion.

Pick a topic that you like to research:
Technology is changing every time. You need to move fast to keep yourself up-to-date with this changing. I told before that a loyal readers always looking for new, fresh, latest and Meaningful contents.

Read other blogs, NEWS and articles that are related to your topic. You’re your eyes open, search for current events. This will help you to update your blog frequently. A nice topic will help you to become a successful blogger.
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