Saturday, June 6, 2009

Secrets to Online Money Vault using Blogger Blog

Dear Readers,
I am not going to say anything new power and popularity of a Blog on the internet, they are very powerful resources on the web, all internet marketers knows that very well. It this post I will try to help how you can get the road map for the hidden online money vault.

Start a search on any phrase or keyword you like on Google. For some famous or well-known keywords, you will see some blogs in the 1st results page.
So if you have a blog, you can make appear it on the first page of Google for some unique keywords or phrases that you use in your article.

Let's start searching for the secret money vault..... !

In various ways you can earn revenue from the internet, among all of these ways blogging is the an easier and fantastic money making method. There are lots of free blogging platform on the web. You can choose any one of those as your blogging platform. But which one is better for new comer? I recommend to starting with a blogger blog. It is different from any other platform for some of its unique features and their regular updates.

The classic template and some other templates in blogger dashboard is more SEO friendly than some others, any one with a basic knowledge of HTML can easily use and optimize those templates by making changes. And especially for a new publisher it is very easy, if he / she wants to make money using blogs.
Some people says that BLOGGER is from Google that's why it gets some extra facilities, this is not true. You can use some other famous platform like etc. Your reader will get impressed with their nice out looking for the templates and some extra features. 

I am not talking about those who already running blogs successfully and earning cash regularly, I am talking about new bloggers. Make a comparison between various blogging platform before start your publish, it will help you to select best platform for your blog.

Blogger Blog is recommended by many online successful bloggers, freelancers, internet marketers.. Google Blogger is ready to make your blog appear on the first page of search engines. You will get lots of help, tools and video tutorials to improve your blog. Here I gave some important links to get help from Google's:
  • Help: Various article writing, troubleshooting tips and fun tricks which will be very helpful for newbie.
  •  Help Group: This group will help you to get answers of your question from fellow bloggers and you can also share your own experiences with others in this group.
  • Status: Get informed about any news about Blogger's upgrades, developments, outages and other issues.
  • Known Issues: Blogger team always ready to help you with any kind of latest bugs and problems.
  • Buzz: Discover latest features and news from the team.
  • Video Tutorials: Step by step video tutorials to make a better blog.
You can get those help directly from Google. There are tons of free and exclusive online resources to start with blogger on the internet. Using your blog you can boost up your product selling (own products or affiliate products), you can increase traffic to your sites. Lots of internet users browse search engines to find out something. So it's very essential to apply some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in your blog to get higher PageRank which will bring it on the first page of search engines.

You don’t need to make any robbery to find out the online money vault. Use your brain and mind, your own techniques and keep patience. My Sister always says, "Follow others but don't copy others, try to make something better than others".

Start your blog with blogger today and make some regular posts on it, apply some SEO techniques and keep your eyes on the latest NEWS about internet marketing world. Within few days you will be watching how money will come to your bank account!

Is that so easy?
YES it is!
So, don't make a delay, start today.

Best Of Luck !


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