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Top 7 Blogging tips for Bangladeshi Beginner Bloggers

Blogging is not so easy but not so hard also. Anyone can publish his own blog on the internet within 5 minutes.

Just create an account with any free blogging platform using an email address like, etc write a post and publish it.

That’s it! These two blogging platform are best for the Bangladeshi Blogger.

But before publish a blog it’s important for any new blogger to concentrate on the following:

  • Prepare yourself
  • Why you want to start a blog?
  • Write for your readers
  • Choose appropriate topic
  • Update your blog frequently
  • Invite people to visit your blog
  • Seek help from others

Lots of Bangladeshi bloggers are blogging well today. Before 2006 I didn’t know what a blog is! I started reading blogs from 2006 and that time I found a few number of blogger from Bangladesh was writing their own blogs. Some of them were making a little money using their blog.

But now there are lots of Bangladeshi blog sites you will find on the web, different kind of blogs such as personal, humor, information, NEWS and other kind of blogs are very popular among Bangladeshi users and around the world.

Some basic tips for new blogger:

1. Prepare yourself:
Blogging is not so easy, this is true. About millions of blogs are being created daily, and only about 1-2% of those can be successful on the internet world. A blog become successful when it gets much traffic.

So, prepare your self before start a blog. You need to do some real hard work. Combination of patience, creativity, hard work and basic internet knowledge helps to publish a better blog. I told before that anyone can publish a blog within 5 minutes, this is not a successful blogging, this is the basic of the technical part of blogging..

Make a schedule for your work for everyday. Determine how much time you will spend everyday in blogging and start today.

2. Why you want to start a blog?
Blogging has many purposes. Somebody writes blogs to make money from online, somebody writes just for fun, somebody writes for their business, somebody writes to share their thoughts, ideas and stories with others. There are lots of purposes.

You have to determine the reason why you want to start your blog. Identify your goal; fixed up your target how much you will cover within the first 6 months or 1/2 year, this will help you to be habitual in blogging.

3. Write for your Readers:
Find out who will be your readers, who will be your visitors, find a target audience. Remember a single visitor of your blog is very important. Write something exceptional and interesting that your reader does not get bored.

Whatever you write in your blog, give priority to your viewers not any Search Engines. If people like your writings than Search Engines will find it automatically. The contents and design of your blog should be attractive to your audience. Try to fulfill their expectations; don’t write something that your readers get confused. Communicate with your readers regularly.

4. Choose appropriate Topic:
Don’t write about anything that you don’t know much about. This is very important for any new blogger. Suppose you wrote something about “PC antivirus solutions”. And after some successful posts one of your readers asks for some solution to you. What if you can’t give a better answer to him? Definitely your reader will not come to visit your blog again.

Before select a blogging subject think about your hobby, your interest, your knowledge and try to find out a better and unique topic which will be right for you.

5. Update your blog frequently:
If you want to keep your readers with you, than update your blog regularly. Try to update daily or twice a day initially. It will help you build a better relation with your readers and your traffic will increase day by day with this.

Ask your visitors to leave comments in your posts and always reply their comments. It will help you build a two-way conversation between you and your site viewers.

Regularly update will increase PageRank of your blog.

6. Invite people to visit your Blog:
Always invite other peoples to visit your blog. Making comments on other’s blogs is an easy way to do that. There are lots of social community sites that you can use to invite others such as facebook, myspace, twitter, digg, delicious etc. You will get a huge number of hit to your blog daily with this. There are lots of blogs or websites that depending only these kinds of social traffics. The toughest task of a blog is to increasing its traffic, so give special attention on this.

7. Seek help from others:
This is the easiest way to learn how to make a better blog on the web. Lots of free resources are available on the internet, just start a search with your desired topic.

Don’t hesitate to ask anyone for any kind of help. Many successful fellow bloggers, publishers are waiting to help you. Without help from others it will very tough for you to achieve your goal. Learn from others, help others.

The above tips are not for only Bangladeshi blogger, these are for any new blogger.

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