Monday, June 22, 2009

Secret Tips to Create a Better Blog Post

The main key for a successful blog is traffic; lots of traffic brings success easily for any blog. Traffic depends on various criteria. One of the most important parts of a blog is a nice and attractive post title to attract readers.

There is a say “morning shows the day”.
So, what’s inside a post, many readers can make a guess seeing the title of that post. Better posts always influence readers to come back for more in a blog. A good title can easily catch the eye of the readers. Sometimes an exceptional content easily catch reader’s eyes.

Here are some basic guidelines that will help to create a better blog post:

Reader’s Priority:
One of the main criterion for an optimized blog is to give priority to your readers, not the Search Engines. Getting Index quickly in search engine depends on blog traffic and back link. And traffic depends on the quality of post. If any reader does not satisfy with your writings, he won’t come back again to read more. Before write any post, examine your audience. What kind of readers will read your blog, what will be more attractive and helpful to them, what they want in your writings? Always make answer to readers comments, always try to give thanks for their comment.

Tell the truth:
Be honest, don’t give any wrong information. For example, if you write any product review than don’t give any wrong information about your product. Don’t try to attract your readers by providing any kind of false information. It could drop off your product goodwill. Beside quality of your products describe the side effects if any, and provide some solutions about those effects. Don’t try to hide anything; your audience could be cleverer than you. Another important thing is don’t hide the real writer in your blog. A successful blogs are written in honest way are most popular.

Give special attention to the quality of your posts; always try to write quality contents for your blog. You must have a target audience for your blog. Determine who are your primary audience and secondary audience. Identify what kind of information they want in your writings. Provide information according to their need. They could like professional information, gaming information, fun or any others, try to fulfill their expectations. Find out what tone will be appropriate for your blog and keep writing in that tone. Quality content is not only necessary for your audience; it will help to improve PageRank of your blog.

Providing other links:
Lots of blog you will find on the internet that only providing link to other blogs or websites. Some bloggers just only give link to other sites. If you go to their site they will not tell you details about your desired topic in their own blogs. This is not a good practice if you want to be a better blogger. Many readers don’t want to follow a big trail of link.
They hit your site, so definitely they will look in your blog for their subject. If they don’t get it they will leave from you, may be leave forever. So, be careful about that. You can provide your own page link into your blog and show your readers the reasons to stay with you. I am not telling you that you won’t provide any link to others, but link to other sites must be logical (not a trap).

Don’t steal others:
One of the most important things in blogging is copyrighting. Always avoid plagiarism, stealing or copying from other blogs. Your site could be penalized or banned for this reason. Don’t make a copy-paste blog, if you so than search engines will treat your blog as a spam.
Try to write from your own. About 95% of bloggers failed to succeed in blogging due to writing own article. It’s tough but not so tough! Try to write something from scratch, follow others but don’t try to copy others, create something better than others.
If you want to discuss about other blogs or writings, than you must provide a back link or references to the original source.

The length of a post is depends on your writing skills. If you can provide detail information and can attract your readers than I will suggest you to write a big post (could be more than 600 words). If your readers like your post they will read it, the length is not matter.
If you write a blog about providing information than you can write a short post (could be less than 500 words). The length is actually depends on your writing topic and information you want to provide. It could be short or long. But whatever the length is, try to write an accurate and interesting post which will be able to catch your reader’s attention.

That’s enough for today. You can make your comments below.

Best of LUCK !


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