Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How to choose an appropriate Domain Name for your Blog

Every blogger desire his own domain name for his blog. To build credibility and a sense of professionalism a domain name must choose very carefully before start posting on the blog. Because a carefully selected domain name has the power to enhance the branding of a product or service.

Naturally, Domain that purchases from domain seller or hosting services,  give the added advantages of email addresses with the same domain name and it can enhance the Search Engine Ranking.

Before choosing a Domain Name consider the following matter:

  1. What is the topic of your blog. What do you want to achive with your blog or what is the reason you start a blog. What will be the style of the blog. What kind of blog will it be. Who will be readers of the blog or who will be your target audiences.

  1. Now think about the traffic source of your blog. Traffic comes from various ways, like Loyal Readers, Search Engines, Social sites, offline traffic and Referral traffic etc. For loyal readers and Referral traffic a domain name is not a fact. But if you want traffic from Search Engines than you must take care about your domain name !

  1. Before choose an appropriate domain name for any blog do some keyword research using Google or other Keywords Research Tools. This will be very helpful to find out a better domain name. These are called keyword based domains which helps you to build traffic.

  1. Think about the future. Think what topic most interests you, Do you have sufficient knowledge about your topic or you have interests in any subject. I have seen many blogger's start up their blog with domain that fit the topic of the blog initially but which outgrow the domain down the track due to their various posts on various topics.

  1. Another important factor to choose domain name is the length. Technically a domain name can have one with up to 67 characters in it but it is generally appreciated that short ones are better for a number of reasons including that they are easier to remember. But for Search Engine traffic it is better to consider a longer domain name with a number of the keywords. Try to include one or two keywords in the domain name.

  1. There is another option to consider to choose a domain about a topic that is quite crowded is to include a number at the beginning or at the end. It may increases the chances of finding a domain with your keyword in it but could cheapen the sound of the domain.

  1. Choose a domain that is easy to spell, pronounce, remember and type. It increase the chance of getting more traffic for a site. User can easily remember a short domain.

Dear Readers,
There are lots of tips and tricks on the internet about how to choose a better and appropriate domain name for a website or blog. The above discussions are the most basics and common rules that one can remember before choosing a name. If you need more information about choosing a domain name please start a search on the net, lots of valuable information will appear on the result.



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