Monday, June 14, 2010

Make Money Online using Amazon Associate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program is a nice and fantastic way for advanced bloggers and webmasters to make money from online. It does not need much hard work about the technical side from amazon to earn online revenue. It's very easy to promote Amazon products by building links and banners on marketers own sites.

If you already have a website or blog you can start right now with this associate program. has huge products like electronic goods, books etc and it is one of the trusted e-commerce website around the world for those who shops online regularly.

How to become an Amazon Associate / Affiliate:

A good quality website or blog is the basic need to start with Amazon associate program. Huge Online Traffic is the main source of income for any blog or site. So a quality blog needs some interesting topic and quality content that can attract visitors. Quality Content will help to these visitors converted into your customer. You need to provide an ad for a specific product on your site, if any visitor click on the ad link a Landing Page will appear and they can buy products from this page. You get commission upon the sell, which could vary for different products. Browse for details.

To join today for Amazom Affiliate Program, just follow these simple steps bellow:

  • Create a free account on If you already have an associate account then you don’t need to do it again. To advertise any Amazon products on your site you need to be registered first with Amazon Affiliate Program.
  • Please enter all true details about yourself. Don’t hide any information required and don’t enter any wrong information, it may cause your application to be disapproved or an approved account can be inactive. Choose your preferred payment method during fill up the form and provide correct mailing address.
  • Log into you with your ID, go to “Join Assiciates”.
  • Fill out very carefully the information requested. You will be notified within 24 hours after your application request. You will get all necessary information's from Amazon regarding to the status of your request. After approval of the request they will send you an affiliate link of their product to put on your own sites or blogs.
  • Using these links your customer can make order and buy their desired product directly from Amazon. For each and every sell you will get a commission which will be add to your main account balance. You can see all report related to your selling and earning in the report section. You can save these reports to keep track of your earnings. Withdraw your earned money whenever you want (earning amount should reach at a value).

It does not cost anything to become a registered Amazon associate. After being registered for one site or blog you can place Amazon products add to your other sites. For this you don’t need to register again.

Please read their TERMS and CONDITIONS or Privacy and Policy before get registered.

It’s time to make some money now. .



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