Wednesday, July 1, 2009

12 Most Common Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

The main key to success in blogging field is definitely traffic, there is no alternative for lots of traffic to your site or blog. If you want to make money from online you need lots of traffic, if you want to express your thoughts and ideas you need traffic and hits. Whatever the reason of your blogging is, you need more and more traffic and more TRAFFIC.

Successful and fellow bloggers are getting lots of traffic everyday in their sites. But for a new blogger it’s very tough to get traffic from the very beginning. The following tips will be helpful for any beginner blogger or publisher to increase traffic to their blog or website. These are the most common tips that needs to apply for traffic.

1. Write Valuable Content:
I wrote in my several previous posts about the importance of quality content. The first step to build a better relation with your audience is updating your blogs regularly with great content. Try to understand your readers, what they are looking for, write something that is meaningful and valuable to your readers try to give priority to their interests, it will help you to turn them into your loyal readers.

Regularly posting will increase the chances of your site to appear on search engines first page or closer to it. So valuable article must be post regularly.

2. Comments on other blogs:
Making comments on other blogs is a common and easy way to drive traffic to your blog. Read other posts and make valuable comments on them. Don’t forget to leave your blog’s URL in the URL field. A valuable and interesting comment will definitely bring traffic to your blog. Commenting on other blogs is a common way to get backlink. Don’t write any worthless comments or don’t give your URL in the wrong field. Avoid copy-pasting same comments in different blogs. Your comments may be counted as spam. Don't make comments on any BLOG whatever you found, select some websites and blogs related to your topic.

3. Use RSS services in your blog:
Web definition for RSS is Really Simple Syndication. It’s an easy way to keep your readers updated with your posts. Upon completion of each post your readers will e-mailed. Using RSS feeds in your blog is a great way to drive traffic. Submit your RSS feed link to several feeds directory. Many free RSS feed services are available on the web like FeedBurner.

4. Submit URL to Search Engines and Directory:
Submit your blog or website to several Search Engines directory like Google, Yahoo, Bing (msn), etc. You can do it by click on the submit link or add url or other similar link to their sites. It does not mean that your site will appear on the search result for your chosen keywords by this submitting. It increases the chances to getting indexed quickly. And once you get indexed on some search engines it will be easier for you to bring more traffic to your site. Read my previous post about Blog Directories.

5. Use Social Sites:
The most common and interesting way to drive traffic to your blog is using Social sites like FaceBook, Digg, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Reddit etc. These sites will bring enough traffic to your sites but you need to do some hard work. Registered with those sites and submit details about your blog. Some sites will automatically publish your post in your Wall, need some change in your profile page to do that. These sites will provide your some powerful backlink to your site. I will describe in my upcoming posts how to use those social bookmarking sites and how to get real benefit from these. Sites those are not dependent on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) based traffic, are mainly depend on Social sites for traffic.

6. Use Trackback and Link:
Another traffic source to your blog is use of Link and Trackback to your blog. Creating link with other site helps to drive traffic and increase traffic search engine ranking. A publisher can identify who is linking with his sites and this can bring more traffic. Leaving a trackback inform other bloggers that you are linked to him and he might get interested to visit your blog. And if your posts attracts him he will read it and inform others.

7. Use of Tag:
Use Tag at the end of your posts. It will help to drive traffic from other sources. It’s one kind of link that helps search engines to find related pages. Readers can find out easily other related posts with tags. Popular blog search engines like technorati use tags to make search.

8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
The most important, valuable and tough traffic generation technique is SEO. It’s a long term traffic generation method. To optimize a site or blog for search engine is not easy, it requires long time and practice. Google is the best and most widely used search engine on the web. For any specific keyword to appear on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd pages is not so easy in Google. Hence Google change their search engine ranking Algorithm regularly. So if you want to build an optimized blog or website, start it from the very beginning. Keep attention to choose keyword, page optimization etc. Read lots of article on the web related to Search Engine Optimization - SEO.

9. Join Forums, Online Communities:
You can drive huge traffic to your site by joining your blogging topic related forums, communities, web rings, groups etc. Create your own thread or posts, make reply on other posts and don’t forget to leave your blogs URL. Traffic comes from users, so the most you can spread your sites to others, you will get more traffic.

10. Start Guest posting:
Publish posts on other blogs as guest blogger and invite others to publish as a guest blogger in your blog. Audiences from other bloggers blogs will come to your blog. It will help to build a better profile of you in the blogging field. Leave your BLOG URL in guest post you made for.

11. Include Images in your posts:
Many users make image search on search engines. So, use related pictures or images in your posts, it will make your posts pretty. Naming properly your images can increase the chance of your blogs to be appearing on search engine result. So, whatever image you use in your blog rename those files properly. try to give a related name to your posts.

12. Offline Publicity:
You can increase you traffic by providing your URL to your friends, relatives etc. If possible publish some ads of your sites and blogs. Spread your URL to all over, encourage people to browse.

Dear Readers,
There are some of other traffic increasing methods on the internet. But as a beginner the above methods will be enough for you to drive traffic to your blog or site.

Thanks for reading my post.


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