Sunday, June 30, 2013

Online Communicatioin - One2Many and Many2Many

One-to-Many- Blogs, Media Blogs & Microblogs:
Blogs were the first kind of personal websites to really leverage the ease and structure for one person to create content for the purpose of communicating with many other peoples around the world. Blogging platform such as and have become the default free services for new and consistent bloggers.

Blogs allow people to subscribe to website updates and the site structures and archives all content with ease. The site allows comments to be made by visitors interacting with the author (and other commenter’s). Blogs are very versatile in that the content can contain just about anything allowing various sorts of media blogs.
 One can create a video blog by uploading videos to, a photo blog by uploading photos on, or audio files creating a podcast (such as one might find in the popular music program iTunes). All of these methods allow one to have a rich media presence with interactivity built in. A business or individual may have a public profile for many of these services such as with YouTube and Similar to online community groups, people are able to comment, share, and connect with others around a multitude of niches.

Another newest trend in the one-to-many content creation websites are Micro-Blogging. These sites, such as and, follow some of the same methods of connecting with each other. The difference here is that the messages are short. Twitter, for example, is limited to 140 text characters so that one can use SMS mobile text messaging to send and receive updates. Others, such as, allow a more rich experience using photos, videos, links and a few other forms of sharing. Microblogging values brevity and speed.

Many-to-Many- Multi-Authored Blogs, Discussion Boards, Collaborate & Share:
Sometimes content is created online by a several contributors, not just one person initiating the topic. One of the popular ways for this to happen is to simply have multi-authored blogs or podcasts. Since blogging is so easy and flexible to manage several authors posting content and inviting conversations thorough the commenting on their blogs.

Discussion Boards / Forums are one of the technologies that have been around in one form or another since the early days of the Internet. Content is generated by many authors in a threaded conversation typically following a question / answer or discussion format. One may begin the topic thread but many subsequent interactions fill the pages with valuable content.

Collaboration sites have arisen allowing multiple authors to create a “living webpage” called a wiki. Each person in the community can edit the pages live. Instead of having discussions as the main subject, people edit the page itself. With a free account, hosted wikis are created daily by individuals, groups, and businesses on websites such as and The most popular use of this technology is the web resource

Another way of viewing online collaboration is when users share, save and/or submit an entire webpage for others to see. Similar to bookmarking a website, these sites allow others to see what sites are being saved and shared. There are several of these social bookmarking sites such as the popular Yahoo-owned Delicious. Some of these sharing sites allow others to submit a website allowing the community to vote the submission up or down based on if they like it or not.

The popular sites move up the list while the unpopular slide to the bottom. The more popular (or most voted) sites begin to attract a lot of traffic. Examples of submission voting sites include, and In each of these, one may connect with their friends to see what they are voting for.

New social media has changed the way people connect and interact today by allowing businesses to exchange in both private and public conversation with the public in new and exciting ways. There are many tools at our disposal each with its own set of social norms, goals, and audiences. Though one can jump right into the social media marketing arena, it is advisable to have a strategy and plan to gain success. When done strategically, one may see great success by being able to have a more personal relationship with people who are interested in, who you are and what you offer.

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