Thursday, March 28, 2013

Make Payment usng ShurjoMukhi PayPoint

This post is to tell you a little about how to use your Credit / Debit card to avail services from PayPoint BD. The services has launched recently in Bangladesh, it is getting popularity day by day and since the number of internet users in Bangladesh will cross over 20 million within the year 2020.

Buy through Credit / Debit cards:
If your card is not enabled than you need to contact your bank to enable your card to use for online transaction. Ask your bank if you need any additional PIN number apart from the numbers provided on either side of your card. PayPoint strongly suggests you to request your bank to enable "3ds security" or similar feature for your card to avoid fraud. This method requires you to input a secret PIN number during transaction which is not printed on your card. When you have all these information in hand ensure you have enough balance in your account and then head over to buy your desired service. The site will ask you the above information in time. After successfully providing that information your purchase will be completed.

Buy through Mobile Wallet / bKash:
If you have a bKash account you can pay using that. At first find out the price of the service / product you want to have. When you proceed to pay through bKash you will get the bKash mobile account number of PayPoint BD. Transfer that amount of money to the provided bKash account. After successful transaction you will get a transaction ID. Enter the transaction ID and your bKash mobile number in the web portal and wait for the transaction to complete. If it’s not successful at the first time wait for 5 minutes and try again with the same unique ID provided by bKash.

If face any problem during transaction:
It may happen sometimes due to inconsistent internet connection during transaction. Also the process remains valid for a certain period of time. If the process takes place longer than that the transaction will fail without showing any reason on the screen. However first ensure your money has not been deducted. Most banks will send you an SMS whenever there is a transaction through your card. If you don't have that service go to a nearby ATM booth and get a transaction history or call your bank customer support and ask if the transaction has been made. If the result is negative try again to complete the transaction.

However if you find your account has been debited than please inform PayPoint immediately through the mail:

You should send the following information’s:
  • Name of the service / product you tried to buy.
  • Approximate time and date
  • Transaction amount
  • The exact email address you provided during transaction
  • The exact mobile number you provided during transaction
  • If possible the unique transaction ID displayed on your screen when you were asked to provide your card details

If something likes this happen:

“I have not done transaction from your site but my bank statement is showing debit entry from your site”
In such cases PayPoint strongly recommends you immediately notify your bank to investigate the transaction. Since you have not done the transaction it will not be possible for you to send us the service detail. On the other hand since we do not keep any card information it will not be possible for us to trace the transaction. However bank will have unique transaction ID of the purchase through that we can trace the service / product transaction details. We will always try to help you but you have to provide us the required and correct information.

Make your online payment more secure:

  • Do not share your card details (ID, Password, Name etc) with any one unless absolutely necessary. There is no reason for anyone to ask for your PIN number or secret number.
  • Enable 3ds security or similar feature which requires you to provide an extra PIN number not printed on your card during each transaction.
  • Ask your bank for notification service for each transaction through your card.
  • Periodically check your transaction history and investigate seriously if there is any unfamiliar transaction.
For further details please visit the web portal of Shurjomukhi PayPoint.


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